Friday, August 27, 2010

Choice and Accountability

This months Personal Progress night was Choice and Accountability. For the first half of mutual I had the girls divide up into groups of 3 and gave them newspapers (you could use magazines too). I had them find a story that was in the paper because of bad decisions. After that I had them find stories with good decisions and positive outcomes. This took a little longer. It kept their attention really good and I think it worked better than me just talking the whole time. Afterwards, we made our "choice"jars, made from baby food jars. We covered and filled them with candy. When they are faced with a hard decision they are to read the quote we tied on and eat their treats! The quote is, "You be the one to make a stand for right, even if you stand alone," by President Monson.

Here are all the jars that the girls did. They turned out cute and they had lots of fun. We finished the night with some orange rolls that I made.


  1. Do you do an activity every month having to do w/ personal progress? Do they pass things off or just focus on the value? Any way - Super cute idea, as always. We'll probably steal this idea too, so keep them coming! I'm not as creative as you!

  2. yup, totally with Dena on that. Another awesome idea to borrow. We are totally doing that!!!

  3. I love this! Our YW are doing it tonight! Thanks for the idea!