Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nutcracker 2010

This is the 2nd year that Mallory has been in the Nutcracker here. She was a little Soldier this year. She was not happy about this at first but then came to like it. Her scene is in the fight scene which is pretty busy. We have been practicing since late September for this. It has consumed my life and for the last 3 weekends we have had performances. It has been CRAZY to say the least!!

Gramma even flew in to go to her performances...which is a big deal. No one likes to visit here from my family! Ha Ha Ha

After her last performance of last weekend we had a little party for her. She has been up super late the last 3 weeks with long dress rehearsals and performances. She did a super job! Now lets have Christmas!!!

Just a random cute picture of Mallory by her pink tree in her room! Too Cute!

Jillian's Birthday

Jillian finally had a birthday party with her friends. Her birthday gets sandwiched in with Michael and Mallory's birthday and then Thanksgiving. We took some of her friends to see Tangled, which is the cutest movie ever. Can't wait to buy it! Then we had dinner and cupcakes. She had a great day turning 6!!!
Silly Girls!

Gramma gave her the Rapunzel doll...she loved it!
She has wanted a purple caboodle forever. She was excited!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Oh did we have a super crazy Thanksgiving. I may never celebrate it again. The thought of it makes me sick!!! In fact we all got sick...all 26 of us who celebrated together! Michael's parents and some brothers came to our house this year. We were excited to have family come visit here...we don't get too many visitors in these parts. We had I think about 26 people for dinner! It was a bit crazy, but we did and it turned out alright. The next day Michael and his brothers left to go hunting. So, the girls and kids stayed behind to get...SO SICK!!! I have never heard of such an awful violent flu. There was 7 of us throwing up all the same night. It really was something!!! The boys ended up getting it also and had to cut their ever so precious hunting trip short. I was so glad. We needed help!
My sis and I made these turkey shirts while we were together.
3 big turkeys...oh, the site of that makes me nauseous!!!

We needed 2 turkeys so Michael experimented with his rotisserie hook on his grill. It tuned out really good.

California Fun

Over veterans Day we took a quick little trip up to my Sister's. We met them at Disneyland for the day and then stayed at their house and play for a few days. We went to American Girl so the girls could buy their Birthday presents. Mallory has been wanting Lanie all year and finally got her. Jillian bought Julie after much talking into. She really wanted Lanie but Mallory threw a fit, of course. I think at one point I had all three of my kids crying in the store. It really was awful. We won't be going back for awhile!

Here are a few Disney pictures.
We waited and waited to see Rapunzel.