Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Temple Marriage Lesson

I taught YW last week and the lesson was Temple Marriage! I was so excited to teach this one. This was my favorite lesson when I was in YW. Since we were at Disneyland most of the week before, and Hallie was super sick I didn't have much time to do a handout. This is what I quickly came up with. I mod podged paper on a thin wooden plaque (from HL) and glued a temple pic on it. Then just decorated and put magnets on the back. The vinyl took the longest, it was small lettering.
In the beginning of my lesson I handed out chocolate mini cupcakes (they were yummy) and told them they could eat it or wait til the end for a better treat! If they ate it they would not get the better treat. (It's the same idea as the worth the wait video, the one with the little kids and the ch. chips). At the end I had the other leader bring in a round layered cake ( that I got from walmart...didn't have time or skills to make pretty white wedding cake). They were so excited and glad they waited!

Monday, May 21, 2012


We had to get Mallory to my sister's house last week (she is off to Hawaii), so we stopped at Disneyland for a few days! Logan was so excited for Buzz. He talked about it for weeks. It was our first ride(while waiting for Star Tours FP), and it broke down. We sat on the ride for a good 20 minutes waiting to be let out. Hallie did not like that!
Corn Dog anyone?(they were a little greasier than I remembered)!
Disneyland was way harder without tons of adults around (and sick kids). We usually go with my family, but they are too good for us now. They are on to bigger and better tropical vacations!
Logan LOVES the Disneyland train because of the dinosaur section. I think we rode it 5 times, but Michael and I did not mind one bit.
Ice Cream Time
Daddy's always want to feed their babies ice cream...what is that?
She loved it and demanded more!
We had to tag team the bigger rides. Jillian's favorite is Splash Mountain, as is mine! Love that ride!
2 kids short! Hallie was snoozing in the stroller and Mallory..we miss our Mallory!
This is my favorite picture! Logan usually has a forced smile, but he is all smiles here! My cute boy!!
Playing with little Hallie!
I tried so hard to get her to wear Mickey ears, but she is the biggest stinker with anything to do with her head. She is NOT well trained.
The kids love playing in the water fountains at Ca Adv.
It was actually nice. There is not tons for the little kids to do their, and we don't like park hopping, so it was a good afternoon activity. Jillian threw up all night so she wasn't 100%. We did a lot of sitting.
Hallie loved watching all the crazy kids play in the water. She would have loved to play herself.( she was sick too so I didn't want her getting wet)
Disneyland and barfing caught up to Jillian and Logan does anything Jillian does!
The rapids ride kept breaking down, so we only got one run in, but that was plenty for us. I have never got so wet on this ride! It was INSANE!! Everyone was laughing at me.
I should know better than to wear heavy capri denim. I was wet when we got back to the hotel that night! So comfy!
Oh, I love little buggies smiles!
We camped out waiting for the World of Color, but we meet our friends from Yuma there so it was fun visiting.
Michael had never seen it. It's a great show. The kids loved it.
More Splash Mountain.
Our friends from Yuma! So fun to see them, and so random that we were both there at the same time. We miss them so much!

Hallie Buggie

You are right...this is NOT LHC! We stayed with my sister for 1 night (enough time to get her super sick) while transporting Mallory. Hallie loved the green grass. This totally woke Michael and I up..what the heck are we doing here??? It is sooo ugly where we live. So we are now in operation "get the heck out"!
2 1/2 weeks until we get to leave for most of the summer!! Cannot wait!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Any reason to have a party and I have one! We had some friends over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I made all the Cafe Rio food...our favorite! We did lots of fun games with the kids.
The kids LOVED the pinatas!
Hallie just ate all the rocks from the ground!
Jillian and her friend Kawai! So cute!
This little boy is bubbas! He is the cutest ever!
Michael and Hallie TWINS!
Jillian giving it a GO!
Mallory gets stuck with baby duty all the time. She is Hallie's favortie though.
Logan and buds!
The whole group...we had so much fun...crazy fun!
Mallory's turn. They were super tough pinatas!
The husbans made us try. So funny!
Then we did water balloons! Water balloons are so much fun, but what a pain in the rear to blow up!!!
Isn't our backyard beautiful! We've been working so hard on it!! 9( Ha Ha...isn't a pit)
Then we had cream cones, tres leches cake, and homemade ice cream sandwhiches.
I was so tired that night! But we had a blast.