Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Yeah Right....Being 30 makes me think of the movie 13 going on 30, how she wishes that she was 30. Somehow that movie has it all wrong. This morning I woke up to Logan having one of his diaper episodes. Mallory comes running in my room saying, "There is doo doo all over." Oh Crap is right! He had gotten poo all over his crib. From one end to the next. It took me awhile to get it all cleaned up, but then we were good.

We had a relaxed birthday today. All day long Jillian kept asking when it was going to be my birthday. I think she equates birthday to cake and presents! How it would be to be 4. Michael has had a busy first week in the office, getting new toys everyday. We went out for pizza when he got home. Then he took me to the store and let me pick out a TREADMILL!! I am so excited. I have wanted one for so long. (Let's face it, it is too hard to work out when the evening and early morning temps are over 100 degrees, you have 3 kids, and a busy husband who will be gone every now and then.) I haven't really been able to work out and lose all the dang baby weight since Logan. No more excuses now! Mallory was so cute and made Michael take her to Kneaders to get a cute thing she saw when we were there last week. She got me some cute decorative blocks that says, the best mom! How sweet is my Mallory. She is always thinking about somebody and always so sweet! Then we came home and had a Carvel ice cream cake. I have wanted to try one for a long time. It was pretty good!

So there, I am officially 30...which is good. Like Melene told me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have my 3 kids and we are all healthy and happy as clams. (most of the time)

Don't want to think of the 40s...Mallory will be 18 . I will then have problems!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Nightmare

I am trying to survive the week that I have been through and trying to figure out how I am going to make it through the many weeks to come! I haven't taken many pictures yet here. It is just too plain hot to do anything!

Michael flew in a week ago Friday and we were so excited to go to the tiny airport and pick him up. Unfortunately the excitement wore off when we realized we had a lot of hard work to do all weekend long. Move a TON of furniture into a house in 122 degree weather. Sounds fun!! We have had problem after problem...but I shouldn't really complain because we are so grateful to be together as a family, have a great job with super good benefits and hours!

My mom stayed a few days extra to help out. We were able to get some things done...but still have tons to do. We are not used to this crazy (ugly) desert, and the heat is killing us. The night before my mom left she got the flu (or something making her throw up all night). We all felt so bad. We took her to the San Diego airport, and made it an excuse to go play at the beach and enjoy nice weather. On the drive home little Logan starting throwing up. He did the entire drive home. It was a nightmare. The next day Jillian started throwing up. Just what everyone needs, the flu while trying to get settled. Then we had a day off, I was happy that we had no other victims. Yesterday after church...another one down. Mallory starting throwing up! AHHHH!! Today we are a little bit better.

For some reason it seems very hard to get anything done here. I have tried and tried to get our HD cable hooked's still a no go. Not for another week and a half. It is amazing to me with all of our technology that I cannot have tv for over 2 weeks. I have been trying to figure out what school to put Mallory at. The one that is assigned to us, I have heard terrible things from almost everyone. Red flag! And the bus comes by at 6:50!!! That blows my mind. Who are these weirdo's that plan this. We are not in high school. Sometimes I would wake up at 6:50 and still make it to seminary. So we went out today in the HEAT, it was 116, to check out the charter school and get her name on the waiting list. Thanks to Gramma, we take our handy dandy squirt bottle and spray everyone down while in the car. This takes the edge off the heat a bit. We get there, Logan looks like a hot tamale, and I realize that he has a dirty diaper and I am wearing it all over my shirt and arms. YUCK!!! So we had to leave.

So my life right now seems to be running in circles. Hopefully in a few weeks things will be better. (we will have started school, Michael will be gone for more training and it will probably get even hotter) I won't hold me breath.

Things better pick up by Wednesday. I guess it will be my party and I can cry if I want too!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Month Baby

My, the months pass quickly...even though some of the days seem rather long. I remember thinking since Logan was a newborn that we need to get to his 10 month birthday. Then we would have moved and Michael would almost be home from academy. Here we are at 10 months. My little Logan keeps growing and growing. I wish I could bottle this time up and always have my little baby boy. Even though Logan has caused me pain beyond belief, he is my little sweetie and I don't know what I would do without him. He loves to ride in his little boat, even better, he loves to ride in his little boat with Papa hanging on to him. Papa is his favorite person. That will have to change in a few days!! I hope he remembers his Daddy.
He is full of funny faces.
Gotta love the front teeth. They are so funny. (until you try and nurse him!)

Logan hasn't even started crawling yet. Kinda weird that he is 10 months and still sitting in one place. He defiantly wants to get places but just not quite ready. Maybe after me move next week he will get the hang of it.
This picture is posted to show off his strands of hair that are highlighted by the sun.

So now to the bottle! Logan is forcing himself to be a formula baby. I think formula is super nasty and gross, but I am runny out of pain tolerance. It has been about 2 weeks that I can't nurse Logan without needing a wet paper towel to help stop the blood. OUCH! He will not nurse like a normal baby with his teeth. He grabs on and bits down HARD while he eats.It makes me want to cry if I think about it too much. I hate that I have to stop nursing him before a year. I nurse my babies until they are almost 2! They need that mommy time, and I need that baby time! I am sure we will be okay eventually. It is a lot to deal with while trying to move. For now, we are excited to see Michael next week and have a family life again!

Having fun in the Hot Spa!

Temple Trip

We took a trip up to the temple this last week. My mom watched the kids while I did some temple work. We have been working on getting our family history done.
The Oakland temple is always so pretty.

Afterwards we went to Fenton's creamery. In the pixar movie "UP" the old man is sitting in front of Fenton's at the end of the movie. We decided to go try it since it is now famous. It was so so good. It makes other ice cream taste like garbage. If you are in the bay area, it is a must go!!

The girls shared the candylane sundae. The caramel sauce is a real homemade sauce that actually tastes like the caramel you make at home. I think I was licking their plate. And the homemade fudge...better than Ghiradelli!
My mom got this one. We should have shared, they were huge. She got the almond ice cream. Delicious. It was our favorite.
I got the fudgeanna. I thought Logan would want some of the bannans. He was going crazy over it. Everyone kept staring at him as he demanded some ice cream.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Red, White, and Jillian

After days and days of swimming and not washing Jillian's hair, I starting thinking I will never be able to comb it out. Thanks to Andrea telling me about 3 minute miracle her hair looked normal. Thank goodness for Sunday when the pool is closed. I had to take pictures of my little Jilli, I thought she looked so cute all dressed up with soft, smooth hair. (Not hard and crunchy)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July celebrating with our family, swimming, grilling, swimming, making ice cream, swimming, doing sparklers and whistling "peeps", and then swimming some more. Amanda went on a mad lady quest trying to find the fixins for these festive cupcakes. They did turn out really cute...glad we used a white cake mix!
So our family tradition is to take a cousin photo some time during the day, which is very hard to achieve seeing that we are in our swim suits all day. I made everyone get out and hurry to get their hair looking somewhat presentable. Throw Sally and Logan into the mix and 2 hours later we hopefully have a picture that might work.

Ella 9, Ryan 5, Sally 17 months, Mallory 8, Jillian 4, and baby Logan 9 months. It is a busy house for sure. I feel sorry for those that have all this in one family. I would need therapy for sure!

Gramma and Papa with their 6 grandkids. Super cute!

Bring on the homemade ice cream! We stirred in some blackberries that we picked from the farm. Dewishious!

Papa used a blow torch to lite up the kids sparklers...Just a little dangerous, don't you think?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fair Time

It seems that every summer we find our way to the Alameda County Fair. Maybe it's the cotton candy, the corn dogs, the cinnamon rolls that my mom waits in line for just before the fair closes, the knock of purses that I always have to buy, and all the dizzy rides. We love the good old fair. Jillian with her cousin Ryan. They had a blast riding rides together all afternoon and night. They fit in the same height category which made it nice. They had a little riding buddy.
It wouldn't be the fair without the famous swings (which I hate, how can you put those together so quickly and not have them brake while you are flying super high)

My little buddy!

Logan was trying to take over my corn dog. He wishes I would let him...just some bits of the bread part.

The two little kids kept having to get measured to go on the rides.

The stroller brigade.
The kids had fun playing on the grass while we listened to some fair singing...just like Simon says..."It's like I was at a county fair..."

So this picture is a HUGE story in and of itself. Notice my little biter is holding a bottle. Those of you that know me, know that I hate bottles! Logan does not know how to nurse with his new teeth. So, I have taken all the pain of that one, if you know what I mean. He has chewed me so bad I cry when I nursed him. I had to supplement with a bottle for a little relief. It just so happened we were at the fair for his first bottle. I was slightly engorged also. I hadn't nursed him for awhile...I just couldn't bring myself to all the pain. It is like he is a newborn. A week later and I am still bleeding and being tortured by Logan, but he seems to like the bottle.

Corn Dog Feast!

Apricot Time

Summer means time to go to the farm and pick yummy fruit. The Hemming family loves to pick fruit. Every year we go out to Brentwood and pick apricots or peaches. It was so hot out there that day the kids almost melted. (I think it was barley 90 outside, but was so hot in the sun. I don't know what we are gonna do next week when we move back to Arizona)

We picked 3 huge buckets full of apricots. There is just a taste from farm fruit that you can't get in the market. Delicious!
We made 3 batches of jam. I think it is the best jam ever!

Logan was going crazy for the fruit. He is already a crazy baby that will shark bite you for food. Watch out.

We put him in the wagon and he was so funny trying to grab all the apricots. He shoved them in his mouth and would not let go. These pictures make me crack up.
What a little sweetie!
After the apricot fun, we stopped at a different farm for some blackberries. We were hot so we picked quick.
When we were done the kids could not stop complaining. They were waiting by Papa's truck looking so sweaty. Good thing we had a pool waiting at home for us.