Wednesday, January 16, 2013

December Temple Trip

 December was our ward/youth temple trip. We were excited to go because Mallory turned 12 in November and could go! She was so excited! Since I am in the YW presidency I already had to go, and Michael came to assist with the baptisms. It was such a wonderful day, long but wonderful! Living in Arizona we have to sacrifice a little bit more to make it to the temple. It's not just a 2 minute drive with all sorts of family around to babysit the kids. We meet at the church early in the morning, arrange transportation, then make the 2 1/2 hour drive up to Vegas. A couple from our ward goes up to babysit the kids across the street at the church (this is awesome). We switch off every month. Since it was the youth baptisms also, it took a little longer! Michael was able to do the baptizing with Mallory. She looked so cute and sweet! When we were done we retrieved all the kids and then went to dinner with some other families (this month Olive Garden won out over Cafe Rio). Then we drove home. We were so tired we didn't even stop at Costco or Target! Took us 12 hours to do the temple trip!
 My little Beehive!
 Our YW/YM
The Las Vegas Temple is so beautiful. Excited to go back in February!

Ugly Dresser Make-Over

 I bought this old ugly dresser off of Maddy's Attic for $20! It is super heavy and was really ugly! I did take a before shot, but it got deleted. It was just a normal oak dresser with tacky handles.
 This was my first big re-do project to do on my own. I cleaned it up and took all the hardware off, which took forever! Then I primed it...all they had was spray paint primer. I wish I could have used regular primer to roll on. I think it would have helped. They I sprayed it black so I would get a black antique look when I distressed it. My neighbors thought I was crazy. I did it out front, a little white trash, huh? I did try my sister's favorite technique with the vaseline. I wasn't sure about it though. Then I rolled it yellow. I am putting it in our family room with our tv on top.
 So I hated it until I distressed it and when Michael fixed the funny draws. Once we got it inside I loved it. It totally changed our family room. I just need to find handles for it. I sorta messed up and didn't patch the holes or keep the old handles to paint black. I will know next time!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Ornament Crazy!

We did this craft at our Super Saturday we had back in September, and I had some extra supplies. I sold some to get rid of the extras. They were really cute!

MCC Shines

 Mallory had a little ballet recital early December. It was a lot of fun. They had Santa there to visit with, and lots of cookies and juice for the kids. I was surprised that my kids actually sat by Santa.
 Even Hallie wanted to see screaming! I wished I had dressed her in something cuter. I thought she would just cry.
 Mallory with her BFF Lydia. They are in the same class at school, in student council together, and take ballet together.
 Cute ballet girl!
 They did such a good job on their dance. I was impressed with how well Mallory did! She complains about her legs hurting a lot and I always tell her to just go to sleep. But now I know why they hurt! She has made some great strength improvements!

It was a fun night! I am excited for their recital in the spring!!

Jillian's 8th Birthday

 Jillian's birthday fell on a Sunday this year. She was mad since she wanted Panda Express for her birthday dinner. We went Saturday though! Sunday's are quite opposite from the day of rest that it is coined to be. I get up, get all the kids ready by myself as they fight and Hallie screams, looking for lost shoes, socks, and hair things. Then we get to church all mad an angry from the mornings shenanigans and fidget with Hallie for 3 hours, dressed up and wearing uncomfortable heals! Then we usually have meetings after church and get home late, just in time to fix dinner for people that are coming over.

We tried to make it a special day for her. Elfie brought her doughnut holes for breakfast...thank you last thing I had to worry about in the morning. She thought it was so funny that he had eaten some.

 I let her open 1 present before church, in hopes that it would help her sit though sacrament meeting a little better. She loves to mix things up at church!
 I tried to take a few pictures during church...where there is a piece of green. I need a new camera so desperately! I think I am the only person who doesn't have a nice camera, and would probably take better pictures than most people who have one!
 I made an ice cream cake (recipe here). It was good. It is cake layered with ice cream in between then a yummy ganache topping. It just slide as I had it in a precarious place in my freezer!
 She loved it though!
 We had the missionaries over for dinner. We made all the cafe rio food, which was super delicious. We had to hurry her through her presents to get them to bed.
 Aunt Amanda gave her this brave nightgown that we bought at the Disney store at 2:30 am!!! (black Friday craziness) It is her favorite!
 Cute kids!
 I found some roller shoes for her...I think she was excited, but it was hard to tell!!
 Gramma got her the Merida Barbie doll, the Mother to Merida doll, and the cute little bear. She wanted the dollies for so long!!

 And some cute Hallie, who loves to play with plasticware!
 A hunger games book.
 And my Nana always gets her fashionable boots!
 And more from messy Hallie. She loves the cake!
Since We had had such a crazy fall, and were headed into a crazier December, we postponed her party until January (which now I am rethinking...I'm tired of parties)!

St. Nicholas Day!

 The kids are always excited for St. Nicholas day to come around. It is sorta the beginning of all the Christmas festivities at our house. I do love that it is one morning that I don't have to drag the kids, kicking and screaming, out of bed! Instead, we wake up to eating chocolate and then more chocolate, which made for a fun morning for Hallie! Logan got a cute Hallmark ornament with Buzz and the little green monster.
 Jillian got the Merida ornament from the movie Brave.
 Mallory got a silly tropical fish, since it was her Hawaii vacation year!
 And for lack of better stores here, Hallie got a pacifier ornament. She thought it was a real one and kept trying to suck on it.
 She loved loved LOVED waking up to chocolate in her shoes! And she loved even more that her sisters left all of their candy down on the ground while they were at school. Hallie's new favorite day!
We have celebrated this holiday tradition since I was a little kid. It is my favorite tradition that we have carried on, even if the scrooge of a husband doesn't like it...I LOVE IT!