Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time for Tea

Whenever the girly cousins get together, they get to go to tea with Nana (their Great-Gramma). We found this little tea room downtown Pleasanton a few years ago and have loved it ever since. It is called the English Rose and anyone with a little girl must go! The big girls got their favorite seat...the little bench.

This was Jillian's first time to go. We had talked about it since December. We were going to go when we came to visit at Christmas, but Nana was in the hospital. So, Jillian waited and waited and was so excited to go. I think she loved it. She "drinks" all that stuff up.

Here we all are. The tea room is usually air conditioned so we don't mind having tea in the hot summer...but today their air was broke and we were sweating. The tea is so good though we didn't really care! (It's all herbal tea)

I think this is my favorite picture of Mallory and Nana, the pink tea girls.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marine World

We went to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, formerly known as Marine World, Africa USA. It is a zoo, amusement park, and aquarium...kinda too many things going on for me but still fun. We got to see lots of fun shows and ride on all the spinning rides that make parents want to throw up! Don't ask about these's totally a theme park pressure buy!
Out in front of the old dolphin statue. I think Megan and I have our picture at this same spot...just 15 years earlier.

Silly kids with Gramma!

Loving all the rides!

Logan was apparently board and started sucking (nursing) on his big toe! It was soooo funny. He sucked on it for at least 10 minutes. He was so intense. ( I bet he kept waiting for milk to come)

Silly Logan. Poor baby got dragged around all day and even got sun burnt on his face. My Dad says he is so white he could get a moon burn!

I tried my hardest to get a good shot of the killer whale show. I was holding Logan while he was screaming and this is all I managed to get. I was surprised it didn't come out blurry.

The dolphins were so cute. The girls wanted to ride one.

We got so close to the Giraffe's. The girls even got to feed them. They were pretty cool.
Our favorite was the White Tiger. So Awesome!! It is a must see.

Gotta Love Theme Parks!

Toothy Boy

These pictures are for Michael...I tried to get a good shot of Logan's new front teeth. He looks so different with them. I should take some now, they have grown in a bit more. Enjoy!

My little Logan is so silly, he is starting to do his funny nose smile that Jillian did. I guess it is a quirky Hauck thing!! He has the same problem that Jillian has too. The flappy thing from his top gum line goes all the way down to in between his front teeth. Jillian has to get hers lasered next year. I'm chalking that up with the other quirky Hauck things too!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Light...I can finally see the light at the end of the dark, dark, dark tunnel!! Okay, it's too dark. It is the final month countdown until we might get a life back. Michael graduates Federal Law Enforcement Training in a month from today. SHOUT HOORAY!!! We are so excited to be done with this mini chapter in our lives.

For those of you that don't know, Michael gave up a great job, a great house, a great town, great friends, and his family (only for 4 months). He will say WE both gave it up. He got hired on with what he has wanted to get into for years, the reason why he joined what we did, a few years back. I know it will all be worth it in the end. We will get a new house and make new friends and have an even better job, with normal hours! (We will always miss our friends we guys are the best ever!)

So here it is to one more month!! (I will go make my paper chain now)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Break out the White Sunglasses...It's SUMMER!!!

It was Mallory's last day of 2nd grade yesterday...Shout Hooray! We had a swim party with her friends after school and she could hardly wait. Just wished it felt like summer here.

Mallory and Katelyn Audrey, Mallory, and Krista

Mallory, giving her teacher one last hug. They brought soooo much stuff home from school. I know why California has a school budget problem. She brought home all these nice markers, colored pencils in cases, crayon boxes, tons of nice workbooks, and so much more stuff. Does the school provide all this to the kids?? In Arizona, we had to provide it. Kinda funny.

Ella came with me to pick Mallory up. What a fun day!

We were singing the HSM2 song, summertime, the whole way home.

I got Mallory some little prizes for finishing 2nd grade.

She has been wanting the leapster for so long.

Some church friends came over after school for a fun pool party.(Hemming tradition to have a pool party on the last day of school)

I think Jillian had the most fun. She is such a party girl. She was keeping up with all of the big girls swimming. I think she will be the next big Olympic swimmer. She swam for almost 5 hours straight, with a short hot dog break.

We had a yummy BBQ and made hot dogs. It was yummy. Love summer.

Papa took care of Logan most of the time. He loves walking around with Papa outside to look at everything.

Jillian's little friend Audrey (the Bird's granddaughter) came to play with Jillian. So she has a playmate too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 9 Month Old

It just felt like I posted Logan's 8 month milestone. I guess it is good that time flies rather than drags on (just nights drag on). So I think at 8 months Logan was doing better than now. The last couple of weeks he has been getting up more and more at night. They know how to cry a certain way that pulls on mommy's heart strings. Smart little guy! He actually cut his top tooth and is almost done cutting the 2nd one. They are such big teeth. So he has been so unhappy and has had many nights of just crying until he is so horse you can't even tell that he is crying. It makes me want to cry. Poor little buddy. Logan was trying to eat the grass. I caught him with a bunch in his mouth. Everything he has goes right for the mouth.

I was trying to get a cute picture for his 9 month scrapbook page (since I am into scrapbooking, not by choice though, stamping cards and paper crafting is still much more fun). He was being fussy, big surprise there, so I had to settle. My card was full and my camera was almost out of battery. I do love how this picture shows of his green eyes, just like Daddy's.

Best Cousins!

Mallory's cousin Ella (my sister's girl) came home with Gramma today. Mallory has been so excited for Ella to come visit. They will get to play together until we actually move and get our life back. Hard to imagine! So we are in for a fun summer. They have so much fun playing, just little Jillian gets left out. She cried the whole first hour. I know how she feels, middle child blues. I DO feel sorry for her. But Papa makes up for it by letting her watch old Disney cartoons in his bed late at night.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camp Skeeter

Mallory's end of the year field trip was to the park near her school. They made it into a little "camp." The class made T-shirts earlier in the week to wear them today. (Gotta love the over-sized, thin white shirts) They were assigned to decorate a lunchbox (shoebox) and bring it on their trip with lunch inside. There were lots of different stations and some water balloons, and smore's, and tons of fun things. Here is Mallory at lunch. The kids and I went over for awhile to see how it was going. ( There was something on my camera lens, so annoying)

We were proud of her box. It turned out so cute. Sorry to Gramma for the blue paint all over the table and lots of glitter that will be there forever! How do you get rid of glitter??
I have to thank the trusty Cricut for this box. I would be lost without you!!We painted the top with glue and sprinkled sand all over. Then glued a few shells and a palm tree. The rest of the decorations we by the cricut.

I think we deserve an A! Mallory and I had a ton of fun making it. All the kids in her class kept saying hers was the best!
We are now ready for 3rd grade.