Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a super busy usual. We had a big dinner with our friends, neighbors, and missionaries. We had a blast. We played lots of gift games, and Christmas Bingo. I made all the Christmas traditional food, Ham, potato casserole, roasted vegetables, yummy homemade rolls, and of course peppermint ice cream pie for dessert! The kids were all so hyper, the missionaries tend to make them a bit crazy. After everyone left, around 10:30, we quickly got the kids to bed and started all the work! Michael was up until 2:30, due to a certain somebody's train table. He was not happy. 9:00 church came way to quick. The kids opened up their new Christmas jammies. This was the only good picture of all the kids. Logan had to have to chips, and Hallie was so cranky. She may have been ignored and passed from Mallory and Jillian all day.Christmas is so NOT a relaxing time

I love love love the girls purple snowman jammies...from Kohls.

We never found all of our Christmas ornaments, so our tree was a little funny this year. (They are still MIA...have no idea where those DUMB packers stashed them).

I love having a baby at Christmas. Hallie is at such a fun and cute stage.

My Sleeping Sweetie

Hallie LOVED laying under the Christmas tree and stretching out. She loved grabbing the tulle and ribbon from the presents and playing with them. It was a sad day when we took the tree down. It kept her buys for hours. She feel asleep after our walk, that is why she had a hat does get cold here!


Christmas Hallie

My little baby is 5 months here, and so cute! I love these pictures. She is so smiley and sweet! Compliments to Hobby Lobby for the outrageously large bow that is simply adorable!

Jillian is 7!!!

My Little JilliPop is already 7!!! So Crazy! It seems like since she turned 3 the years have all meshed together. She is spunky and crazier than ever...keeps us questioning why we decided to have children...not nice but true. She just has a bigger than life personality that is HARD to tame. She is a sweetheart too. We celebrated her birthday at my parents house while we were visiting for Thanksgiving.

She got presents from Gramma and Papa, and Nana!

Fijit joined our family...thanks to the grandparents. It is a fun toy!

Nana got her super cute boots and some cute clothes!

Nana and Jillian

We had brownie sundae's.

Back at home on her real birthday we had a little family party minus Michael...he was out Elk Hunting. I think Jillian will hold this against him for awhile. She said she was like the girl in Mr. Popper's Penguins, whose dad was never there on her sad! After school we went to the movie and then she chose Panda Express for dinner...her absolute favorite!

Don't judge me on this was good. I have not been on my domestic-crafty game for awhile!

My sis made her this super cute purse and filled full of smelly store things (Bath and Body Works)

She still loves Barbies! The thing on her forehead is a monkey tattoo...I got a pack of them at Hobby Lobby for fun, and only Jillian would put it right on her head. Silly Girl!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

We were at my parents house for Thanksgiving...after last year I was NOT going to cook and threw up all day. It was a great day. My mom, Mallory, and I cooked most of the day.

There was some leaf playing. Not sure if my kids even knew that it okay to roll around in them. They had a blast.

Logan and Papa did the apples for our apple pie.

Michael hid in the bedroom with my ipad most of the long as he had Hallie I was ok!

She is a Daddy's girl FOR SURE!

Cute little Turkey!

All the cooker-girls, and the turkey. Turned out yummy!

Logan had his eye on his chocolate turkey from See's all day. He wanted to break right into first thing. He knew he had to eat his turkey he gobbled up his dinner so fast. He was on to his chocolate before I even started eating. Hallie cried through most of the dinner. Always lovely!

Nana and Mallory

Finally my chocolate!!!

Telling the pilgrim story!