Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Walking Boy

Logan is finally learning how to walk. He is 18 1/2 months! I tried to capture some of it. He found this ball and would not put it down. I love how he tries to get on his truck while holding his ball.

Personal Progress Party

Last week we had a personal progress mother daughter dinner (kinda being our new beginnings, but way more fun). I made everyone a cute flower hair clip. They turned out cute. I clipped it onto a little card saying, "Let Personal Progress bloom into your life."
I was inevitably in charge of table decorations. I decided on balloons...easiest thing I could think of that looks very party-ish.

We had menus out for the girls and the moms to order from. They choose 5 things (they were values and a few other words). So each menu item was a mystery. We served them on tiny plates with a really small sample. The girls loved getting ice cream with lettuce, or whatever they marked down to get. Then the President talked about PP while we fixed their real dinner. It turned out cute.
Unfortunately, Michael was at training all week in NM, so I had to deal with the kids. Mallory and Jillian went to their friends house during the activity. Logan just hung out with me. He is a GREAT helper! (Yes, he has NO pants on. It was THAT kind of day)

Glad that is over..on to the next thing! When is that Hawaiian vacation?????

Soccer is OVER!

We have had a crazy few months filled with soccer, soccer, and more soccer. The last week was the craziest. Mallory had a tournament that was double elimination...and they kept winning. Then they lost the last game to make them undefeated (so sad). So, we had more practice and more games. The week we got back from vacation we had soccer everyday...6 straight days of soccer! This is Jillian's last game. They had a little party afterwards.
After Jillian's last game and party we had Mallory's soccer party. They had it at a community pool where her coach lives (so wished we moved there).
They were 2nd place in the tournament and of the season. The kids had a blast swimming and eating pizza. Now I think we can rest a little more.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Last Day

We decided to stay an extra day since Michael had to work 2 days out of our vacation. So we packed up the car and then headed to California Adventure, only for a few hours. We had to drive home and get back to work and school (unfortunately we had to face reality...it was HARSH). And of course it decided to warm up for us. We got to go on some of the water rides we passed up earlier in the week. Mallory and I got wet, but it was so fun!

One last corn dog party...we needed fresh fruit and vegetables at this point.

We had fun playing over in the bug land area. Logan was lovin' all the rides.

We new it was time to go when Jillian was throwing a tantrum screaming "I'm not tired." 5 days at Disneyland is A LOT! We are so ready to go back though.

More Disney

This was our last day at Disneyland all together, and Michael finally made it back to play with the kids. Waiting for Peter Pan

Ella and Mallory are super silly when they get together.

Thunder Mountain

More silliness I love Jillian's different faces. It was a LONG week for her little legs and her temper tantrum personality. She managed to hold it together most of the time!
The girls love Auntie Megan.
More craziness from Jilli...with corn dog stuck in her teeth.
Yes, a little obsessed with the corn dogs.

We loved taking pictures of the pictures that are taken on the rides. Space mountain is the best. It is so dark when the bright flash goes off, making it impossible to see for a few minutes.
I love Ryan's face here.
Ella and Mallory try and be silly for the picture. Funny girls!
We went to Pixie Hollow to meet some fairies.

Tink wasn't as cute as we expected.
We got Logan this cute Disneyland ball and he LOVED it. He held on to it for the rest of the day and now loves to sleep with it.

This is my FAVORITE picture of Michael and Logan. He is such a silly little guy
So about this VINYLMATION business...we are definitely addicted. We kept buying new ones just to see what we would get. We ended up putting them all together and taking there picture. We bought more on our way out of the park and now try and bid for them on ebay. CRAZINESS!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Magic Kingdom!!

Back to Disneyland and with a "Magic Morning" or 1 hour early entry for us. We actually opted out of early entry. We needed more sleep than fun (I know...I must be getting old). Actually Michael had to fly out on Monday and was gone until Tuesday night, so it was more difficult without him there. He had been subpoenaed up to Idaho. I was sorta ticked!
We finally made it to small world. Logan almost fell overboard. He loves playing in water.

Best Cousins!
Our family are all huge food snobs, but when it comes to Disneyland Corn Dogs we do not hold back! Kyle got one Friday and we all drooled over it and watched him eat it. So, when we went back to Disneyland on Tuesday we couldn't wait to get over to the Stage Door Cafe for fried goodness. It is also the cheapest thing you can eat there. Perfect!

I think the big kids talked Jillian into going on Space Mountain. But, she totally agreed and actually said she liked it. I thought the picture was funny. She was laughing that her hair looked so fluffy! She looks slightly freaked out though.
Jillian and I riding the Autopia! No matter what we do, those cars always break down on us.
Love the Rockets. If you feel like getting sick, this is your ride.
It was freezing at night. This night we almost froze to death. We were waiting for the Monarail to take us back to the hotel. The wind was crazy so we thought it would be better than walking. We waited FOREVER!!! Logan was so cold and unhappy. He screamed to whole time we waited. It was awful!