Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today we ventured out of our little town and went to Palo Alto. My friend MaryAnn told me to go get Sprinkles cupcakes, so we did!! They are so yummy and fun I wish it was closer, however it is probably good that it is not! These are strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate coconut, dark chocolate and chocolate with marshmallow in the middle. I would say my favorite is the ch. coconut. I love anything with coconut though!
Jillian picked out the chocolate with marshmallow, just like a hostess cupcake but a little more money!!

I love their labeling and packaging. It is so simple but so cute. I want a cupcake shop.
My sister in law (Jeff's cute wife) was visiting her sister that lives over there. So we met them for lunch and went shopping at the Stanford mall. Then we went to check out Sprinkles. We had a fun day, (but tiring when you only get 2 hours a sleep due to a fussy little somebody).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Logan's Giggles

My Dad can get Logan to giggle so hard. He is getting quite attached to Papa. Logan will cry if he walks in the room and doesn't come over to him or hold him. He actually kinda reached for Papa today. I guess they are little buddies. (The boys have to stick together)

Warning to Michael: This will probably make you homesick but is posted just for you!

Jillian's New Dress

I found this cute dress at the Children's Orchard. It is a charter club and oh so cute. I love good "Finds" like this at second hand stores

It looks darling on my Jillian!
Don't let this cute round face deceive you. She is a little Turkey. This was Sunday after church. I usually take pictures before church on Sunday, but not this particular day. She had had 2 HUGE tantrums back to back. One at 3 am and the other while we were getting ready for church. It totally wiped me out. She kicks and screams and thrashes like NO other. And there is no calming her down. Nothing seems to work. I guess she needs her Daddy! I am not patient in the middle of the night with the other kids. I am up all night with Logan to begin with and to add more kids into that mixture is certainly a recipe for disaster.
I guess she is still my sweet Jillian and continues to melt me heart!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Strawberry Heaven

Look at all of our Strawberries...What should we do with them???
On our way home from the beach last week we bought yummy berries. I wanted to make Jam of course. It turned out so good. I think it is the best strawberry jam I have ever had.

We were loving our biscuits and jam!
We have already gone through 2 jars. Good thing I started running.

Jillian's Hair Cut

Jillian finally got her hair cut and it is super cute on her. Since she has such curly hair and such a Spit-fire personality we had to go shorter. It is like pulling teeth to get her to stand still and let me comb her hair. (She has been doing better since Judy told me to sing songs to her, I actually make her start singing to me and it distracts her, thanks for the tip!)
Kudos to Gramma for the pretty flowers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Cute Logan

My little Cutie Pie!
I love how this picture shows off Logan's cute chin. ( This is how I know he belongs to me, otherwise I see no resemblance)

Logan had his new church outfit on and I thought he looked so cute. I never thought that I would like all of these boy clothes. I love em!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day At The Beach

We have been waiting for the beach to warm up so we can go. We finally got a chance to go on Saturday. I can say it has been forever since we have been to the beach...maybe over a year! That is a crime. The fog cleared and it was a beautiful day.
Little whitey had to stay out of the sun..he doesn't really like his hat. I think his head is too big.

Mallory my boogie boarder. This made me think of all the times that I boogie boarded growing up. What fun memories.

" Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world,"
Okay, not really, but she was doing good for her first time, not too mention that the water at Manresa is ice cold.

Jillian had fun catching Ladybugs that were all over the sand, I know kinda weird.

Cute chicks jumping some waves.

After the beach the girls were happy to get in Papa's "Hot Spa," as Jillian calls it. Mallory accidentally put a bit too much bubble bath in the spa so there was a huge wall of bubbles.

We didn't have to bathe the girls after this!

We bought a ton of strawberries on the way home from the beach. We kept throwing them in the spa for the girls to eat. Jillian was dipping hers in the water like it was dip or something ..It was kinda gross!

The girls talked Papa into starting a fire to roast hot dogs and of course marshmallows. What a fun Papa. He got it all together.

Way to go Papa. We love the fire pit.

Jillian loves roasting hot dogs. She had so much fun.

So does Mallory. They turned out yummy. We had a big Saturday, but had lots of fun and enjoyed the summery weather. We'll have to get back to the beach soon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Fun

We went down to my sisters for Easter and had lots of busy fun. I don't know why they call it Spring Break, it was not a break at all. Sorry there are tons of pictures, there was just too much to take pictures of. We made cute little baskets for our place setting. We love to paper craft.

They turned out so cute, and they were so easy to make.
We had the battle of desserts. Happy to say that mine won. Amanda made this yummy orange cake.

My mom and I had a "throwdown" with our carrot cakes.

Here are the kids waiting for dinner. We had friends come too. We had lots of fun, and the food was delish!!

Here is Nana with her Great Grandkids (Logan was taking a much needed nap).

My little Easter Bunny!!! Logan is too cute.

All the kids were tuckered out after an intense egg hunt.

Look at all these eggs.

Ready, Set, HUNT!!!
We love Easter and love our cousins.

Easter Morning

It was amazing we all got ready for church on time. My sisters little Sally screamed all night, and kept waking Logan up. It was a lot of fun...Thanks Sally!!! The kids looked so cute, especially my nephew Ryan in his new suit.

Logan got a cute little Lamb in his basket. He has his funny look in this picture.

So Sweet!

He really just likes the tag to chew on.

The bunny left his footprints outside. How cute is the Easter Bunny!!

The three girls got matching jammies the night before. They are super cute.