Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hallie and her Suckers

 Hallie has a thing for sweetness on a stick! She has to have one in every hand!
 This particular night she was being a goof ball!
 I think she opened 5 suckers and was taking turns licking all of them!
 And then she seemed to lose a few...wonder where they are??
So cute!

Christmas Night

 We waited for my parents to come over to open all of the presents. We actually liked waiting. It made Christmas seem longer and not all done right away. We may stick with this tradition caused by sickness! We didn't even cook Christmas dinner either. My mom and I were too sick to get up and cook, so we waited until the next day which was fine. It seemed like Christmas was 2 days.
 We all had a fun time opening gifts! Hallie was loving it!
 My mom got new always! And we gave my dad the Braven! I want one.
 Hallie got a FurReal puppy, which is so much fun. She heard it barking under the tree for a week! She was excited to finally play with it.
 Giant helicopter for Logan
 and Jillian being funny!

 Papa got Logan a Buzz Lightyear blaster gun.
 A little table tennis is always fun! And the clock only fell off the wall once!

 Kyle loved our epic mountain of garbage, he took a picture of it! Nice huh??

Christmas Morning

 Christmas Morning was a little different since my mom, Logan, and I threw up all night. We started feeling sick Christmas Eve while eating dinner. So, the kids waited until 9:30 to come out. My poor brother Kyle had to hold them off for hours!
 But it was well worth the wait! We had so much fun watching their expressions as they came out and tried to act surprised! Mallory is going to the Taylor Swift concert (in August) and is so excited!
 Jillian looks pretty stoked too! She got a little DVD player all to herself. This has already proved itself in worth. Why she didn't get this earlier??? I don't know.
 Santa had a rough night with the cricut and the vinyl! Oh's cute!
 Logan loves his dinosaur's!
 And for little Hallie...she was so cute. I think she loved her stocking full of fruit snacks the most!

 I love these random pictures of everyone with everything all over! Christmas morning is the best!
 Logan was a little put off by this big bike, but her came around to liking it! It is awesome!

 Hallie loves her little chair!
 Taylor Swift Poster...She loves!

 And for Jillian...she got to open a big present early!
 We got her her own bow and arrow set! She secretly thinks she is Katniss!

 Uncle Kyle even made her a quiver. She looks so cute!
 and tough, right?
 Getting her first lesson...not to shoot Logan!
 Kyle giving it a try.
 and Mallory
 But Jillian is a natural, she shot right in the bulls eye!
We had a blast Christmas morning, even though we were not feeling great. My Dad came over for a bit in the afternoon, then my mom felt ok to come at night. So we waited to open present until nighttime.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

My parents and brother Kyle came for Christmas, so we had a big Christmas Eve Party. Our friends came over also, who are like family. And the sister missionaries game for dinner too. We love them! We had a huge dinner and lots of games and some gifts.
Here is our house all ready for Santa to come! Looks like summer huh?
 I love to bake Christmas goodies! It looks so yummy! Mint brownies are my fav.
 We started the evening off with a little Alfie Boe, of course!

We get a real Christmas Tree, even in AZ. We just don't keep it up as long. I love it!!!

Cute girl!
Hallie, watching Bubbas!

 Our cute sister missionaries, Sister Lake and Sister Vander Does!

 We had shrimp, trip tip, lots of dips, cheese and cracker and salami type food, lots of treats, and yummy hot chocolate for the reading of The Night Before Christmas! Love it!!

 The kids had a blast singing silly songs.

 Hallie loves when the Kalauli's come over. They have 6 kids and she love their baby boy, bubbas! They are so funny together.
Gramma did a fun tea light activity/Christmas lesson. The kids had fun with the lights!
 Nickie will kill me for this picture...had to post it! HaHa She is super cute!

 Gramma getting Crazy!
 It doesn't take Jillian long to join in either.
Looks like we were having tons of fun!

 Trey and Bubbas (Ka'eo)
 I love these pictures!

So cute!
 We did a silly gift exchange for the kids and Logan ended up crying of course. Then Keahi was nice and gave him the toy he wanted. He is lucky to have a nice friend!
 Bubbas! So Cute!
 We were able to play with Elf on the Shelf on Christmas Eve (and Christmas because someone who was wick didn't hide it...oooppps!).
 The kids opened up their pajamas before bed!