Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Advent Calendar

I can never find this when I need it...So it is blogged. My sister in law are working on it this weekend. So cute. Pictures to come.

Another cute project
Christmas Purse

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Day At The Beach

After our 2 days at Sea World we were looking forward to a beach day. We finally made it to La Jolla Shores. We have tried to get there before and always end up lost. It is a fantastic beach for kids...and Logan. Once again Logan scooted down to the water and loved it. The water was really cold and he didn't even notice...he did turn bright red after a few minutes.

Sassy and Sweet! Jillian doesn't really like to play in the ocean. Papa finally got her in after a few hours.

Papa found some big seaweed for Mallory.

The real reason why we go to San Diego...OTMC...Old Town Mexican Cafe. We ate here twice, it is so good. We cannot get enough of the hot corn tortillas with butter and salt. YUMMY!!

Logan at Sea World

So the best thing that we watched at Sea World would be our little Logan scooting around the play water fountains. He was a determined little boy to get there and get wet. The ground was really rough, but he didn't mind at all. He wanted to stay there all day, but crowds of people started to watch him, so we left. All I can say is that he loves water.

Sea World

Last week we took off and went to San Diego for some fun. Mallory has been begging to go to Sea World for her birthday. We will be going lots more too. We all have passes for the rest of this year AND all of next! Awesome!! We went for 2 days and had a blast. The kids absolutely loved all the animals, the rides and the fun shows...and I shouldn't leave out all the theme park junk! My parents got in on all the fun too. They flew down and stayed with us. The kids loved staying in their hotel room and being silly with Papa all night. My mom brought super cute hair clips from Del Sol. We were trying to get a picture of us with them in. They change to color in the sun!
Our favorite Sea World treat is the Shamu bar. When we went 6 years ago I did NOT share mine with Mallory. She has reminded me of this ever I got her one of her very own!

The Shamu show was totally awesome. They had 7 whales jumping all at the same time. I can't wait to go back and see it again. We had awesome seats, but did get wet....thanks to Papa!

They have the best pickles at Sea World. I just couldn't resist. Every time I would buy one the girls would swipe it away. I'm thinking it is genetic. (thinking my blog title is very appropriate after this trip)

I love these shirts...they are so touristy.

This is the cool water ride, Atlantis. Mallory loved it. We made Jillian go on it and she freaked out.

My cute Arctic boys.

Gramma and is cold down in the arctic.
We loved watching the beluga whales. We could have stared at them all day. We figured out what Logan resembles...white, big, and really cute!

The dolphins at Sea World were so stinkin' cute. We were inches away from them while they were training. The trainers are so cute with them. I think we stood there for an hour. Mallory wants to be a Sea World trainer now...who wouldn't???

I guess we loved all of Sea World...the Rays were our favorite too. The rays at Monterey are so stuck up. They never let anyone touch them. Here they were practically jumping out of the water. The girls got into this. They stayed there forever playing with them. Papa bought some food so the girls could feed them. That was crazy. They were splashing everywhere.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mallory

Today my sweet little Mallory turned 9. It is just crazy how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to take care of a baby. I am so so so incredibly blessed that Mallory is our first. She is one of the sweetest girls and ALMOST always does everything just right. She is so thoughtful and is always making sure that I am okay. Mallory is usually thinking of something she can do that will help somebody else. She brought home her report card yesterday, to find out she earned straight A's with the exception of a B in math which I think is a bunch of crap, but that is another story. We have moved her around more than any other child should have to move in their WHOLE life and she is only in 3rd grade. She continues to surprise me and I love her so much.

Since we are fairly new to our town, I thought it would be good for Mallory to have a little...and I really was meaning little, birthday party. She is starting to make friends and not feel like the new girl. My intentions were good, but things got a bit crazy that day. I was feeling bad for not making anyones cake, so I decided to make Mallory her cake. I am SO NOT a cake decorator. It is highly stressful and makes my hands super tired. Not a good activity to do while you have a million other things to get done! She wanted a dolphin cake since we are going to Sea World for her birthday. It turned out way better than I thought and Mallory loved it so much. She was shocked that I made it. I guess that is all that matters! So I hurried to finish the cake, clean up, and get everything else ready. It took me extra long to pick her up from school too. We have ballet on Friday's. So we hurried home, got her ready, and then she lost the ballet bag with her shoes in it. We ripped the house apart trying to find them, and then gave up. I was SUPER SUPER mad. She finally found them and we were a half hour late. So things just got off to a bad start for us...but the party ended up being fun for the kids.
I cannot write with frosting. It looks like a 3 year old wrote on it.

I will say that my layers turned out very even. I got the Wilton 9x13 which is awesome. This is 2 cake mixes too.

We made cute party favor bags.

Here is Mallory ready for ballet minus the shoes!

We played some balloon games outside while everyone was coming.

We painted some little wooden boxes and mod podged cute paper and jewels on top and then put some vinyl lettering on top. They turned out cute. We had pizza while we waited for the boxes to dry. Logan and Jillian decided to cry for most of the party and Michael was at work. I would say the noise level was off the charts. My head still hurts.

Happy Birthday to Mallory! (I am glad birthdays come once a for Jillian's birthday in a few more weeks...I am SO tired!!!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My 3rd Grader

My cute Mallory's 3rd grade picture. I think it turned out cute, uniform and all!

Monday, November 2, 2009


This year for Halloween we went to our ward trunk-or-treat. They do it on Halloween night here, which I thought was weird at first, but then it turned out for the better. There are only a handful of houses within walking distance from us, and the trunk-or-treat was a 3 ward thing. Michael had to work a detail that weekend, so once again I was riding solo with the kids. Halloween is so not my favorite holiday, but I did like getting the kids dressed up. They were so excited to wear my make-up. My little Jillian looked SO precious. I tried to straighten her hair as much as I could and round brush it. I thought it looked adorable. I will be doing that more. It curled under so cute!
I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. I absolutely love this age for Halloween. I kept telling her she looks like a doll. Then all night she kept asking "Am I still your little doll?" Too cute.

We have no good spots to take pictures in this lovely sandy oasis. Sand is EVERYWHERE!!!!

Mallory decided to be Mulan. She wanted to be Hannah Montana, of course, but I talked her out of that. She has so many darling princess dresses and I want her to wear princess dresses as long as we can!! She is growing up too quickly. She looks really cute. Her deciding point between Mulan and holiday Belle was wearing my black eyeliner. Such a girl.

At the church waiting around for everyone to come. It was such a beautiful night. I thought we would get a little chilly but we did not. Poor Logan got really sweaty.

Logan's favorite was eating a sucker in his stroller while we trick-or-treated. He was going crazy over it.
After trick-or-treating we came home and played with our candy. Logan was having a hay day with the girls candy. He would hit it all and then giggle so hard. I tried to get some on video. He was loving all the suckers too.