Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh My Cuteness

Hallie looked to cute not to take some pictures. I put her on my moms front porch bench..I love the gray pillow too! She is so sweet, and too cute!

I love that her eyes keep getting darker and darker!

You can totally see that she has a little different look than the big sissies!

Naughty little one...always trying to rip to bow off! That is FORBIDDEN!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

8 Months

The months seem to fly by, Hallie is already 8 months! I took these pictures because all the girls have their picture in this white dress. It was Mallory's first Easter dress. I found it in my closet and didn't think Hallie would fit into it. I had to squeeze her little arms. She was not happy. Luckily, I took these right around her 8 month mark. When I told Mallory that this was her dress she was shocked. She asked why they didn't have cute clothes when she was little!! So Funny! I think this dress is cute.

Little Hallie is the smiliest baby ever! I love it! She isn't much for snuggling, but she has the smiles down. Her favorite time is when Michael comes home from work ( or from anywhere really). She loves smiling for him. She also loves when Mallory comes home from school. She loves Mallory! She may think Mallory is her mom! Don't know what I will do without Mallory for weeks in May!!! I started Hallie on baby food and she loves it. She could eat and eat if I would let her. She gets really scared when Logan scares her. He think this is funny, and makes terrible scary noises all the time at her. Poor baby. Big brothers are NOT fun when you are little!!!

She can kinda sit on her own, for a few seconds before face planting. She is almost going to crawl too. Hoping she crawls normal and not like Logan!

I never take sleepy pictures of here for some reason. So Cute!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be-YOU-tiful Signs

I am making these signs for our Young Women Birthday gifts. Kinda cute? I got the boards at Hobby Lobby, spray painted, and vinyed it up! We gave 2 out last week, and they seemed to love them!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faith Night

We had our monthly Personal Progress night last night. We are on the value Faith. I choose to do the first experience, which is reading scriptures and 2 conference talks on faith. I cut the talks up into sections so we could all take turns reading. The girls were really good sports about reading for almost 40 minutes. We did bring yummy white treats to munch on while we read. We made white chocolate popcorn, puppy chow (chex muddy buddies), and a white cheese pizza dip with french bread. I found the recipe on pinterest. We made pina colada punch. (2 barcardis and sprite) After that we made these little Faith scrapbooky pages. They turned out cute and the girls loved it. I made the sample of Mallory. She even wrote her testimony for me. She can't wait to go into YWs.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding Joy Lesson

I taught all the YW on Sunday, Lesson 6, Finding Joy Now. (We missed teaching it a few weeks ago, and I wanted to go back and teach's a great lesson) I made our girls "Joy Journals" that we used for most of the lesson. I followed the outlined lesson for the first half. Then I handed out the journals and had the girls record in them. We wrote the quote from Harold B. Lee about happiness is not on the outside, but what is on the inside. Then we wrote (and read and discussed) the scriptures from the lesson. The last 10 minutes I had the girls write an experience that brought them joy in their lives. It went really good, and they LOVED these mini comp books that I just covered and enhanced.

I really should have fixed the vinyl lettering, Joy. The black was hard to see so I used white. I should have done something different, but I was too lazy to go back to the cricut.

Since it was fast Sunday, I had to have a take home treat. So I made an Almond Joy Bouquet. It is sorta cheesy, but YW love most everything! I hot glued mini almond joys on a thick skewer(the ones at walmart are nice and thick). Then I just cut out flowers. They were not that cute, but I didn't have time to do anything else. We had Youth Conference all weekend too!

My Big Boy

My Logan looked so handsome all dressed up for church. He has had lots of milestones! During December we potty trained him. He is totally off diapers, even at night. He wakes me up 1-2 times a night to potty. (This has really turned my life into CRAZINESS...Pee all over, all the time). Then we took his beloved Nonie (binkie) away. It has been almost 2 weeks and he is doing great. The first few days were truly AWFUL!!! It was so hard not to give in. (the 4 hours of screaming like we were dying were insane) I justified it to Michael so many times, but we never caved! Proud of us!!!

Love my little boy...and LOVE that I only have 1...I could never handle any more!!!