Saturday, February 27, 2010

Integrity Night

For our Personal Progress meeting this month we were working with the value Integrity. I decided to have some discussion groups that the girls moved from. I asked 4 leaders to take a topic from the value experience #2 (things like honesty, morality, trustworthiness) and lead a 7 minute discussion with the girls. They wrote in their journal and made some new commitments. Afterward we did a very simple craft. We made these bookmarks. I had layered the body of it and typed "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful" on it. They glued little flowers all over and picked a big flower for the top. I had precut their names in vinyl for the back. Then we lamintated them and stuck some sticky back jewels on them. Some cut a tiny hole in the top and tied a ribbon. But they were cute without too. The girls had tons of fun.

I made flower sugar cookies for a treat.

Our New Pet!

This totally grosses me out so I have to hurry and post something else. I just HAD to share how huge our black widow is that the girls found. When can we move? Michael was actually mad that we killed it. He has a little tub he keeps these spiders in. The one that is in there now has eaten several crickets and has spun or laid (whatever they do) and egg sac. He is waiting for them to hatch.

SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!

Back up for Business

After our trampoline tragedy we were so sad to have our new trampoline ruined. We were lucky enough to have property insurance that covered it and then some!! So, we actually were able to get a bigger and better trampoline. We just had to convince Michael to set another one up.

So now we have 2 trampolines in our yard. Anyone want the parts form our old one?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

Our friends brought Logan this cute little fire truck to ride on...and he loves it. I found him after his bath, eating a sucker and chillin' on his toy. He is so funny.

Look What Logan Learned To do!!!

This is now his favorite thing to do!
Logan is definitely getting into way more. He took his first steps yesterday...we are in for it!

The Owl Craze!

While I was at my sister's a few weeks ago we decided to make a zillion owls. I wanted a few Valentine owls, a few for gifts, and I made some pink and brown ones to go in Mallory's room. We went a little over board...I think we made 30 or more. When I took these pictures I hadn't finished the eyes and beaks. They are so cute!
Our favorite was the snowy owl we made. He still needs a beak too.

These are for Mallory's room. I still need to spray paint a shelf (I got at a garage sale for $2) brown to put them on. I think I will do that today.

These owls are a little more involved than the owls we made in October. They have super cute wings sewn on.

It wasn't too hard to make things a complete disaster.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's is something to look forward to after Christmas, and a boring January. We had to speak in it wasn't the best day ever. We had a super busy week and were just flat out exhausted. I have to simplify my life...I need to hang my big simplify sign back up maybe! We still managed to have a fun day and eat lots of chocolate covered strawberries that were delish!

I found this darling vase at the Goodwill here. I could not pass it up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Little Boy

Logan looked so cute today I just had to do a little photo shoot while we were at Mallory's soccer practice. It does look like we are camping however. He had his little camper shirt on that I got at the Children's Orchard for $3. Love that store. He is also 17 months old today. He is growing into a little toddler boy and I can't stand it. One more month and he can go into nursery...if he can walk by then. We have upped the walking lessons quite a bit.

Logan raises his hands up high when I say,"How big is Logan" Too cute.

CHOPPED what the hair cutter lady did to Mallory's hair. I told her just above the shoulders, not above the chin. However, she looks adorable with her hair short and she loves that she looks like her American Girl doll, Kit.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Santa Monica Pier

We drove down to my sister's house for a fun getaway from our life here. When we moved here I told Michael I would need to take much needed breaks. If you lived here you would understand! On Friday we took a field trip with Ryan's class down to the Santa Monica pier aquarium. The kids had so much fun and actually learned stuff....totally counts as a day of school!
The girls were picked to be volunteers. Jillian got to hold a sea urchin and Mallory got to hold the kelp.

Then we went down to the beach to find crabs and shells. Logan hung back to eat the sand. He said it was good.

After the field trip was over, we walked down on the pier, had lunch, and looked out at the beautiful ocean. Mallory loved the pier because we think it is the pier that is in the Hannah Montana movie. SUPER COOL!

There was a cute Carousel we let the kids ride. We were thinking it would cost $2, but it was only 50 cents. So cheap!!

After our big trip we stopped by Ella and Ryan's favorite place. The gum ball machines by 7-11. They are collecting the squishy pencil toppers. So of course we had to jump on that bandwagon. We now have a collection ourselves and thinking of ordering in bulk on the Internet.

In N' Out Party

The kids love eating at In N' Out and having their own table. Looks messy and yummy! Logan is all about the someone else I know. He was so funny. He just wanted to eat ketchup with his hands. Must be my boy after all.


Logan and Sally were playing with some goldfish, and having some baby wars too. It was kinda funny to watch. Logan's disadvantage is not being able to walk. We gotta work on that boy. Then all the other kids will have to watch out!

Sally has this cute little car to ride on. Logan absolutly loved it. I need to hit some garage sales and find one.