Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Computer Computer!!

I have a normal computer back! The hard drive somehow was ruined and everything was lost! Lovely! It has been before the summer that I haven't had a computer!! WOW!! I don't even remember how to type without auto correct from my ipad, and I can't remember how to blog with this thing! This is going to be fun!! Maybe I can keep up with my blog now! YEAH!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Halloween 2012

My cute cupcake Hallie!

She thought she was just so cute dressing up!

All the kids! Halloween is always just a crazy day! Doesn't matter how prepared you are, always crazy!

Jillian is so into Hunger Games, she dressed up as Katniss. She love the whole bow and arrow thing!

Somehow it just fits her.

Logan was going to be a pirate, but then we found this blue power ranger costume and he had to have it! He is a handsome little guy!

And last, my Nerd! Mallory looks so cute!

Garbage Truck Birthday Party

Logan had his little heart set on having a garbage truck birthday party for his birthday this year. I loved the idea and immediately  started thinking of things to do! I stenciled these cute shirts for the invitations! Logan loved them!!

We played some garbage games. We saved our soda cans and used "garbage grabbers" for a relay race. It was fun!

We have a perfect backyard for "garbage games."

I found these cute tins at Target (in Vegas), and vinyled their names! The kids loved them!

Then we played another garbage game. We got a bunch of paper shreddings, put them in buckets and added tons of candy to it. The kids had to dig through it all for the candy. It made a huge mess, but was way fun!

Yep...HUGE mess, but I have a Dyson!!!

Garbage Truck Cake! Love how it turned out! Logan looked at it all afternoon.

The boys were so hyper, I couldn't get them to sit still long enough for a good picture.

Then we raced our garbage trucks ( I ordered little trucks for all the boys)

Then we had hot dogs and cake!

I love Logan's HUGE happy smile!

I was so worn out after this party, but loved having it! I love parties!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

California Adventure

Our second day at Disney, we ran for the new Cars ride! We waited for about 45 minutes and it was worth every minute of the wait. The ride is amazing, and so so so fun! I can't wait to go back to ride it!
They did an awesome job of recreating the movie.

When we went to Disneyland in May, Jillian threw up all night so we didn't let her ride any crazy rides. She had her hope set for California Screamin! So, we were excited to be able to ride it with her for the first time. She was hilarious to listen too on the ride. She sat behind me with Michael and screamed like she was free falling and going to die. As soon as we stopped she said, "let's go again!" What a funny girl.

We are a little cheesy!

We love the river raft ride, especially when it is hot...and it was HOT!

Hallie and I played while everyone else was on the ride. She is so fun to play with.

Then we switched out!

Logan loves the swings which make me so incredibly DIZZY! We rode them 3 times in a row! BARF!!!

Back to Disneyland for silly ride pictures!

I love making Michael ride Space Mountain...he gets so sick on it.

Megan and I are dorks for sure...don't even know what we are doing. Having fun though!

Jillian loves her pickles...just like her mommy!

We will miss Disneyland...until we can afford to buy everyone another pass again! (and Hallie and Logan can grow up a bit)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We made a quick trip to Disneyland in September, since our passes expired in October! We had to get our last fix from Disney...for awhile! My parents and brothers met us there. No cousies, sad!

We stayed at a different hotel this time, the Quality Inn and Suites on Katella. It was super cheap, but surprisingly nice! It was just a few more minutes of walking.

Getting on Thunder Mountain! That is a crazy fun ride when you are in the back!

Jillian makes me laugh!

Tie-Dye Crazies! Love it!!

I love castle pictures! Wearing tie-dye made it so much easier to stay together and keep track of the kids. It should be mandatory!

Michael even put on a shirt for about 10 seconds!

Just the girlies!

More waiting in lines!!

Space Mountain..Ghost Galaxy, is somewhat freaky and gross for the kids. Don't love it. We did totally get stuck on it and had to wait to get out of the seats. We had just come out of the roller coaster area, so we were mad we couldn't see it all inside with the lights on. The worker dude told us how much things fall apart on this ride...nice, huh?

Michael and Mallory having fun!

Gramma taking care of little fussy pants!

Sweet Buggie!

Splash Mountain, favorite ride!

Hallie getting some playing time with her daddy!

My cute girls!

Hallie is too cute!

Space Mountain...gramma and Mallory being silly.

We love taking pics of our pictures from the rides...we are so dumb, I love it!