Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 We went to my sisters for Thanksgiving this year...I am still not over the Thanksgiving I had super bad morning sickness with Hallie!! Maybe next year I will be ready for it again! The cousins were so excited to be together. They have such a fun time.
 My sister had a beautiful table set up...she has so many dishes and table things it is crazy!!!
 She also spiraled my hair all crazy! Hallie was so excited for her chocolate turkey!!  She is a chocolate turkey!!

 Actually, all the kids just wanted the chocolate turkey! Gramma always brings them.
 My mom, Nana, and sister...Cute!
 Me and husband
 She finally got her chocolate turkey.

 Elf on the Shelf came Thanksgiving night. He is a dickens!
 We stayed at my sister's for a few days. We had lots of fun eating, hiking, getting my butt kicked running, and watching movies!
Jillian is the champion hiker! She is so intense and can beat anybody!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mallory's RED Party!

 Mallory wanted a Taylor Swift party for her 12th birthday! So naturally we made it a RED party! She invited friends from church, school, and ballet. We had 11 girls!
 Mallory with Lydia. She gave her this cute purse.
 And we are in the age of silly string apparently.  Mallory thought it was so much fun!
 I assume we are praying for Taylor Swift concert tickets here!
 Most of the girls being silly!
 We danced, played TS trivia, TS guess that song, and we made jewelry. The girls loved it!!
We put together some cute party cardboard purse is from the HL! We filled them with red food and candy, and red lip gloss and nail polish!

 Hallie loved all of the excitement, and food!
 We made lots of red decorations, and red food (without an oven, mine was broken...I had to bake the cupcakes at my friends!)
 oreo truffles
 marshmallow sticks, which the girls surprisingly loved.
 and of course a huge thing of puppy chow!
 Mallory and I had a blast working on this together! She was a great helper! It was so differenet doing a big girl birthday party. I am used to doing parties for little kids. I guess this is what I have to look forward to...oh joy!

Del Mar Vacation

 We took a quick trip with cousins, and Michael's parents to San Diego! It was super cold, but we had a sandy good time!
 The kids didn't seem to mind the freezing water and chilly wind. They had a blast in the water!
 The adults tried to stay warm...which is hard when you are from Arizona where 75 degrees is cold!
 They played up on the rocks almost the whole time. Funny kids! They loved playing with their cousins, we miss living by them!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael

 November 1st always comes much too fast! It is party after party in the Hauck home this time of year. We didn't do much for Michael's birthday, but we had a yummy dinner and even yummier cake! Logan totally added his toy story belt buckle to the cake!
 Hallie loves cake!
 The girls filled up Halloween tins with their Halloween candy for Michael! All his favorite too...PB cups, twix, and kitkats!
 My cute boys!
Happy out for next year! There will be a huge party....a 40 party!!!