Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jelly Belly

We took a day trip to the Jelly Belly factory. By the time we were done, we had beans coming out of our ears. We took the little tour and got to see each stage of the "Jelly Belly." It smelled really yummy.

We got a free pack at the end of the tour. Sad to say, this was Jillian's favorite part. Although she did like the silly hats.
After the tour we went outside to have a little snack and feed the baby. The girls were doing their "studying" for the day. They gave out flavor guides, so they were matching up each bean. It was pretty cute, and it kept them busy.

We love Mr. Jelly Belly. After the factory, lucky for us there was a huge outlet shopping center close by. We didn't want to get stuck in traffic so we HAD to go. Darn it!

Dance Festival

Gotta love the old Stake dance festival!! It wasn't too many years ago that I was wearing this same outfit doing p-3's old Italian roadshow as a beehive. Oh how life comes full circle. My parents' ward needed help teaching a ward dance that was assigned as part of the stake dance festival. Nobody stepped up to the plate so I did. We did super simple moves and let younger kids be in it. The dance turned out really cute. Yea for us! Mallory got to be in it and had so much fun. It helped her make some new friends pretty quick. She makes people think that she is shy, but I would beg to differ! Mallory and Allison

Mallory and Cory

Here is part of the dance. They did pretty good considering we only met twice before the performance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Would You Like Some Lemonade???

We love Papa's lemon trees They are just loaded with yummy lemons screaming for us to use them all up. So, today Jillian and I made some yummy lemonade.
Thanks to the retro but functional juicer. Dad keeps fixing it so it won't die!

Oh so yummy! ( I bet you are thirsty now...sorry!)

Cute Girls

I love taking pictures of the kids on Sunday when we are all dressed up for church. It is nice having some green to take pictures by instead of rocks.

I love Jillian's little expression here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nana's 89!

Today was Nana's 89th Birthday. A birthday worth celebrating.
Jillian is eyeing the Chocolate Cake. It was very YUMMY!!

"Just take the picture and give me chocolate cake!!!"

For Nana's birthday we took her to a special place up in Walnut Creek. It is our favorite pizza place, but also the best Italian food anywhere, called Mary's. It is even better than the Pie in Utah. Sorry Michael, but it just is. Afterward we came back home and had really good cake and opened presents. We all had a good time celebrating Nana's 89 years. We are looking forward to the big 90! We love you Nana.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you didn't get pinched.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In our family we have a tradition of making our corned beef dinner. The girls favorite part is the Irish Soda Bread that goes with it. We frost it and of course add green sprinkles!
Here they are kneading the dough. This is Jillian's favorite part.( Anything messy she is up for)

And here ya go. Yummy corned beef, cabbage, and tiny red potatoes. The girls both asked for seconds. Where did these kids come from??? I would never touch this stuff when I was little.

Mallory's New DO

Mallory was overdue for a good hair cut. She decided she wanted a short hair do. I think she just wanted short hair so I wouldn't play with it so much!
It turned out so super cute! And I can still do plenty with it. Nice try Miss Mallory.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crepes Anyone?

My mom got a cool new crepe maker, so we made crepes. I have never made them before or seen a contraption quite like this. They were yummy though. We stuffed them with strawberries and blackberries and topped it off with homemade maple whipped cream.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's the 6th Month Old

Our Little Logan is already half of a year! I absolutely hate that he gets bigger and bigger every day. Logan has been the sweetest baby and gets cuter and cuter. I know I am his mother and have to think he is the cutest baby ever, but I really think he is!! We have had so much fun with him and could have a million more "Logan's." Logan is rolling all over the ground and is so squirmy. He loves to watch everyone eat and of course puts everything in his mouth. His favorite toy is the bag of wipes ( I don't know why I have bothered buying baby toys.)
His favorite time of day was in the morning when I brought him to bed to play with Daddy. They would snuggle and play and giggle. We are missing this sweet time for sure.

I couldn't figure out which picture to put on, so I added them all. We love our boy more than we ever thought we could! Now, if I could just teach him to sleep more than 1 hour every night he would be the golden child.

Mallory's Speech

Mallory started her new school this week. She has done so well considering everything that has been going on. They do so much more work here than our old school. Each week they are assigned a new speech to give. This is a big deal for our shy little Mallory. We made her cute poster together and she did an awesome job. Her speech was "all about me." ( I love my cricut, which cut everything out. I think everyone with children needs this machine).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Michael's Vacation

While we were moving we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. Lucky us they were having their NASCAR weekend party. ( The kids did get free hot dogs and balloons, and Michael got free Red Bull.) He convinced me to take his pictures with the NASCAR chicks. Too bad they really just worked at the hotel. But he didn't care. He liked the black outfits and heels. He asked if I could get one of those "Outfits." I don't think they make them for Nursing Mothers!!

Here is the real NASCAR. It was quite loud. It scared my little baby.

To finish up Michaels fun weekend he got the best ribs ever. I guess that is what you call a "guys weekend." We miss you Michael!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Sad Sad Good-Bye

Here is our family's last picture in front of our home. We will miss our house but most of all our huge yard. We saw lots of pretty sunsets, had many crazy monsoon storms, and had tons of fun BBQs with our dear friends. We also brought our sweet baby boy Logan home here. I should stop writing as tears are running down my face! I will always love it here.
We love the Dana's. They practicaly moved for us. They came over willing to help and got the job done. I think they should open a moving business.
Here are some of the girls best friends. They got to play while we were cleaning the house.

Last but not least, my little Jillian and her best friend Bryson. He stopped by to see her one last time (until we come visit, we'll only be 3 hours away) before we had to leave.

Hair Do Mania

So thanks to my friend Dena, one of my new hobbies is doing hair. Mallory is pretty patient with me. I am not too good yet.
This one is so fast and easy, perfect for a busy morning.

Not sure what I was doing here, but it came out okay.

This one didn't come out like I had planned. There is a french braid going up and down to the middle. Then you are suppose to braid the piggie both ways. We only made it one way so put the rest in a side pony tail. But, I guess side ponies are in.

Tooth Trouble

Mallory finally lost her top tooth. We have been waiting and waiting to see that window in her mouth. I am just glad we had both teeth for the baptism picture.