Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful Board

Here is my 1 Thanksgiving craft for the year. I am surprised I even got it done after all my Halloween stuff. So, everyday we take the paper out and we all write down what we are thankful for.

I used a foam board and spray painted it brown. Then I used the largest size coin envelopes, cut them down and glued DPS on it. Pretty easy, right?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today is the number 10! A big day for sure. My little baby is a DECADE old! That totally ages me, right? Mallory talked me in to having a party for her, I guess I am easily persuaded when she says she wants a cupcake party. My head immediately started spinning! She helped me with most everything, that she could help with. We made paper cupcake invitations.

Instead of party bags, we made party tins for all her friends to take home. They turned out cuter than I thought. I will be making more (especially since I bought the special can opener for this project). Then I cut out vinyl cupcakes with the girls initials on them (thanks to sure cuts a lot).

This brown one ended up being one of my favorites!
Mallory's favorite was this cute pink one.

I do really love this one too!
For the craft we made paper cupcakes. You cut down a paper cup, put a Styrofoam ball in it and pin on paper circles...lots and lots of paper circles! To make it easier I did the first layer that needs to be hot glued on. I was glad I did it before. It took a little time.
The night before I stayed up till one sewing little cupcake softies. The next morning Mallory said," I didn't know you knew how to sew." Thanks Mallory!!! She loved them though.
I was so happy the theme was cupcakes. They are so much easier to make and so much less intimidating than making a cake!

We had to decorate the door with some good old vinyl lettering!

We are nearing the end of our Nutcracker season (but who's counting) so she had just come home from her practice.

Here are the cupcakes the girls made. I think they turned out so cute, and they weren't too hard for them.

Here are the crazy girls eating pizza!
Mallory and her friend Brielle.
Her cupcake stick says Birthday camera takes lame inside night pictures!
We fit all 10 candles on 1 cupcake!
Present time!

Today, Sunday is her real birthday. After church she opened family presents. My mom crocheted this little blanket for her American Girls. Isn't it so cute??? Good job Mom, you make me proud!!!
This was from Jillian. She got Mallory a bunch of nail art from Sally's. She was so excited!
OOPS! Jillian handed her the wrong present. It was her main one from Michael and I. She does looked shocked.....
...her own pink ipod nano!
Gramma got her a Vinylmation notebook (we are Disney Junkie's for sure)!
She got money from her Grandparents to buy a certain somebody this week. Pictures to come after our trip to Hollywood!!!

We made it though our crazy birthday week. One more to go!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cowgirl, Buzz, and a Bug

We were so excited for Halloween this year. Mallory wanted to dress up as a cowgirl, Jillian decided to be a ladybug, and it just so happened that I had a brand new Buzz costume from before Logan was even born! He is so into Buzz right now, it worked out perfectly! I tried his costume on him a few days before and he loved it. He even cried and cried when I took it off. So, the rest of the week he begged to put it on, and I wouldn't let him. I knew it would all backfire on me, and it SO did. He had the BIGGEST tantrum when I was getting him dressed before our ward Halloween carnival. It took some good fighting, pinning down, and lots of will power to get it on. Such a Turkey!!

Love little JilliBugs face!!

Little Buzz! He is such a handful. Mallory was watching Logan in the front yard for me while I was getting our dinner ready to take to the church (it was a Mexican pot luck, SO RANDOM, I KNOW). Supposedly he tripped and landed on his forehead and got the biggest goose egg. Looks great, doesn't it?
Then on Halloween we got to dress up all over again. We went over to our cousins on base and had dinner and trick or treated with them. The kids had a blast hangin with their cousins.

I love Buzz's costume. The wing thingy was upside down.

All the girl cousins!
The poor kids got so hot. Logan's onesie was soaking wet when I took his costume off. I love Halloween in the desert! It is so nice not having to put huge annoying coats over such cute costumes and freezing to death!