Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I love Easter and Christmas! I love dressing my kids up and making them look cute. It was hard to find dresses since we live in the middle of nowhere, but I ordered these from the Children's Place. I love having my girls match, and Logan coordinate!

Easter morning was insanely crazy!!! Jillian ended up in one of her "moods", so that is why she looks grumpy!

I tried making cute hair clippies for the girls and this is what I came up with. I don't have skills!!!

Our only chance to do a picture was right after Sacrament meeting. My friend took them. They are ok, Michael was in a hurry , he had to teach Sunday school.

Whoops...I loaded the wrong one...nice!

Logan and his buddy Keahi!

Our church is really the only place that has some sort of greenery. So ugly here!

I didn't really get a good picture of the kids either. They were too crazy! I will try again in CA this summer!

...and I lost them. They are OUT OF CONTROL!!!

When we got home from church we had the Easter egg hunt! It was hot, and the back yard is ugly. We are usually at my sister's for Easter so we have cuter pictures. I guess these will be good memories some day!

I made Logs his Easter basket.

Cute Jillian...what she doesn't know is that she is going to be infected with scorpion weed and have a miserable 2 weeks of rash!! (post to come on this later, but it has been AWFUL)!

Told you its ugly here!!!

And then little princess...she is too cute! I will have to retake pictures when I find green. I want to print some out.

We were in a hurry to take some pictures, we were having a HUGE Easter dinner party at our house. It was so fun. After teaching YW, Easter, and the dinner I was soooo tired!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Books

For my YW Easter lesson I decided to make each girl an Easter book. Simple idea in the beginning, but NOT so much in the end!!! I made it of the week leading up to Easter. Each day there are events that I wanted the girls to know about. Each little flap in the photo flip book has a different day on it. I downloaded pictures of the lds website and printed wallet size pictures to go with some of the events.

I used cute Stampin Up designer series paper that I have had for years! The flip book is just 2 pieces of 12x12 paper cut in half and scored at 3 and 9 in...making 3 inch flaps and a 6 inch page.

I put all the text into word and sized everything to fit. This took some time, so I have it all saved if anyone wants it!

I didn't have time to add cute embellishments in it, but that would be cute!

I used a couple pass along cards too.

I glued ribbon on the back (you are really to cut a little place for it to go through on the back cover, but I didn't make time for that) and then vinyled the title page.

I do love how they turned out.

After we read and discussed the book, I showed them An Easter Declaration. I love the 2 1/2 minute video. Then we finished it all off with my Chocolate PB Eggs!!! The girls loved the lesson and gave me hugs afterward!

I have had a Simplify sign up in my house for awhile. My friend pointed this out to me when I told her about these books...so my new motto is BE COMPLICATED! I love that more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Baskets

I helped my friend make cute paint tins for her boys Easter baskets. They came out cute!

Then we made 5 of these little beauties(actually not really)! I broke out my sweing machine for the first time by myself even. They came out ok, we were hoping for them to be cuter.

No more sewing projects for me!!! That is why we have sisters, right?