Monday, February 21, 2011

Sucker Crazy!!

We have gone a bit sucker crazy for some reason. I had some old molds from awhile ago, but then I ordered more to teach the Laurels how to make them. Since then it has turned in to Mallory's science fair project, and we have ordered our second round of molds and flavors. Root Beer is by far the favorite flavor of the family, but we love them all.

Anybody want some??? We've made hundreds!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Crafts

Here are my 2 Valentine crafts I made! The top one is a glass block from home depot that I just vinyled up. These blocks are my favorite. They turned out so cute and were SOOOO easy! The are just 4x4s painted and sanded.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We were so excited for Valentine's Day...anything to break us out of our ordinary! The girls wanted to make the big pixy sticks for their Valentine's this year. They turned out cute! Unfortunately, the box comes with 50. There are 26 in each of the girls classes, so the only way they would get one for themselves is if someone was absent...there were no absences, darn it!
(totally love my messy just got worse)
So, I like to make Valentine's Day something special and fun, so that includes presents, yummy food, and even better chocolates!!!
Logan was distracted even before dinner started. As soon as the girls showed him his high chair with a big present, he was done for the day!!! He turned into crazy Logan, as sometimes he does. We were going to try an wait to open presents after dinner had been eaten. Logan won (of course) and got to open right away!!! So we all had our food on our plates getting cold and watched Logan be so cute with his present!!

These look gross, but I thought it would be fun to make jello jigglers. This was my first attempt. They were kinda fun for the kids.
This looks even grosser (my camera doesn't do good inside, I'm waiting for my labor and delivery present which should be a canon rebel) I made chicken fettuccine with asparagus and lots of yummy Parmesan cheese. It was pretty tasty.This is the girls fav.
more Logan opening his present...once he found out it was a gun, he flipped out. Little boys are SO MUCH FUN!!! Especially Logan, he loves trucks and guns. How could he not being Michael's little boy. He sees his Daddy's BIG FRUCK and BIG UNS everyday!!

Little sweet Jilli got a new set of Polly's, her fav.
Mallory got some magic marbles and a crystal growing thing that I am sure will be thrown out soon. She always wants things like this!
We dipped our peanut butter eggs into balls and decorated them up. Yummy!

These videos are funny!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute Boy Logan

I have been so bad with picture taking lately. I realized I haven't taken any of my cute little boy (well, today he is more naughty than cute). He loves loves LOVES his big boy bike he got from Santa. Anytime we are outside he goes straight for the bike.

Logan is getting SO excited for Disneyland this month...we keep practicing what to do on rides. Anytime I say Disneyland he immediately puts his arms up in the air! He's so funny!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Individual Worth

For our personal progress activity this month we worked on passing off an Individual Worth experience. Since it is February I tried my hardest to tie it in with Valentine's Day. I really wanted the girls to decorate the mail boxes from target. So, we did the last experience, which is about gifts the Lord has given us...or talents.

I had all the parents email me a letter or list of qualities about their young women. Then I fixed it up, stamped it,and then laminated it. I thought it would be nice if the girls could put it on their magnet board or somewhere where they could see it often.
Then we decorated the cute mailboxes...the girls had tons of fun. We did them super simple..I had everything cut out and sticky taped before to help the night go smoother.

After we decorated them I had a million cut out hearts that we used to write down a talent or positive quality each girl has. To pass off the requirement each leader did it too. Then we had yummy sugar cookies that I love making at Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jillian's Mystery Tooth!

Over Christmas break, Jillian bit her fork so hard it bumped her little bottom tooth slightly loose. It bleed and bleed but wasn't loose enough to fall out. Then a couple weeks ago Jillian was playing in her bunny costume hopping around on the floor and started screaming bloody murder...big time. I ran to see what was going on and just saw blood dripping from her mouth. I immediately thought she somehow bumped her mouth and forced the tooth to come out. Mallory was in the bathroom at the time, so I was pounding on the door to get something to catch all the blood. In the meantime, Michael thought something really terrible had happened and almost knocked the door down. When he found out she had just lost her tooth he was pretty mad. (I guess we are pretty dramatic)

So, somehow Jillian lost her first tooth, which I really don't understand still. It was so not loose enough to just fall out on its own, and she said it just popped out. I guess she was freaked out because she thought this was the only set of teeth she was gonna get. She had no idea that we get adult teeth. Such a funny girl. She was excited to experience the tooth fairy...which I nearly had to tape Mallory's mouth shut, not to spoil any childhood fun.

I really hate when kids loose their teeth. It makes them look so big, but I guess she is growing up. She said a bad word yesterday when she was mad at the wii!!! It shocked me to pieces...I hate playground mouths.