Monday, July 26, 2010

My New Obsession!

While I was home this summer I begged my mom to teach me how to crochet. Now, I cannot stop. I am on the look out for cute yarn everywhere! I even taught my YW how to crochet last week for mutual. It is so addicting. Mallory has been doing basic chaining for a few months (my mom taught her first). So then Jillian wanted to learn too. I thought she was too young...I was wrong. She can whip out a long chain in minutes. You can now find us crocheting while watching Hannah Montana in the afternoon!
These are a couple of my finished flower clips...I am still just learning.

Magnet Board

I helped my mom makes these cute magnet boards for her Laurels who were graduating. They turned out really cute, and were so easy to make. They will look cute in their dorm rooms at college!

Fun at Gramma and Papa's

We were SO excited for Toy Story 3 to come out, we went on opening day! We tried to buy everyone a Toy Story shirt, but the Disney store was totally picked the girls settled for cute Minnie shirts. (Will come in handy for our Disneyland trips in the fall). However, Logan's favorite shirt is now his green Buzz shirt. He begs to wear it all the time! We made popovers to go with the best jam in the world...blackberry, from my dad's bush. You just can't get that flavor from store bought!

We couldn't get the jam into our mouths fast enough! I brought 1 jar home. Saving it for something special!!
I took the girls to the old roller rink that I used to go to when I was a kid...hasn't changed a bit! We had lots of fun skating. The girls did better than I thought they would.
Playing "Lucky Numbers"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watch Out For Jellies!

We went to San Diego yesterday and played at the beach. We had lots of fun with our friends, the ocean, and all the jellies!! Mallory and Jillian were stung by huge pieces of slimy jellyfish. They were playing in the ocean and ran in to say their feet hurt. Then huge globs of slime rolled up on the shore. The lifeguard used our bucket to put it in. It looks so gross!
Here is another piece that we found, a lot smaller than the first one.

Poor little Jillian, her whole foot got it!

Here they are recovering from the sting. No one wanted to go back in...for awhile. About 45 minutes later they were ready. I was kinda scared to put my feet in too.

We broke in our new boogies! The kids played with them for hours. So much fun!!

Jillian was trying to get the hang of it.
Logan surprised me. He wanted to play in the water and be so silly. He would make himself fall into the little wave. Then he would stand up when the water was pulling back and try not to fall down.

We were so tired when we got home, but it was a fun beach day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Year Worth Mentioning

So, today is our 1 year mark of living here! That blows my mind, we have lived here for a whole year!! It seems to have gone quick, but then to think back to last summer...YIKES! I don't want to think of that.

I still miss my old house in Tucson with all my great friends and better schools, but time has helped here. I remember back to last summer. We moved in on one of the hottest days, 123ish...HOT. Then I was dealing with Logan's nursing problems. The husband left right away for more training. Things were tough. For the first 5 or 6 months I left church early in tears hating the decision we made to move. Then trying to figure out the whole school thing was another full time job.

Things are definitely a lot smoother now, and there are so many good people and friends. And the husband has such a better job with great hours (for the most part). I do love being close enough to San Diego to get away for a day or two, and being able to have season passes to Sea World and Disneyland.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cousin Fun

After our quick 2 days at Disneyland we went to my sisters and stayed there for a few days. Logan was in heaven...with toys galore. Not to mention grass and cement that he could play on...what would that be like??? He stayed outside ALL day happy as a clam. Toonces got ahold of Logan's arm...BAD KITTY!!! (Logan may or may not have caused this)
Mallory and Ella making S'mores!

We all went to the beach for the day (we really went as an excuse to eat at the new cafe rio that just opened..delish).

I love this pic of Logan playing with his "Guck."

He was much happier at the beach being able to walk, as was I! He still tried to eat the sand though (gets that from his daddy). Doesn't the water look so fun? Can't wait to go back and try out our new boogie boards!

Just the boys!

This picture is's that fruit snack.

We got a little patriotic at the beach and dressed the kids in there homemade Independence Day outfits. They turned out really cute.

Ryan and Jillian looks so cute!
This is the best that I could get of my kids...thanks Logs!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Quick Disney Trip

We did a detour to Disneyland on our way up to my parents house. My sister met us there too. It was SO SO SO busy, but we still had fun. The kids love trading pins and vinyl Mickeys. This picture is to show off Logan's rug burn on his cheek. Mallory was dragging him around our house by his legs while on his tummy. It took a few days for it to scab up. It was so nasty! There is still a nice scar!
The girls are opening their vinyl mickeys! Jillian got the favorite one.

We rode on the canoes this time. It was a lot of fun.
Jillian has been talking herself into going on Splash Mountain ever since our big Disney trip in March. So this is her first time....she has said she will not be going on it again.

She looks a bit scared!
Later that night we were eating our favorite treat at Disneyland...Pineapple Whippies. YUMMY!
Isn't this All-Star Mickey super cute!
Jilli and Sally....I love the lanyards with all the pins. They look like Disney fanatics!
Little Logan...holding his bottle in his mouth. Love my little boy!
Gramma, Mallory and Ella on the Grizzly Bear ride. It was finally hot enough to want to get wet.
Getting ready for lunch! We might need some more ketchup though.

We had fun playing in to fountains over in Bugs Land. Glad I threw in the kids swim suits at the last.
Silly Logan...loves licking water off the ground like a kitty. It does gross me out!

Gramma's turn for California Screamin'! The girls are in the back.

On our way out I got Logan this little light stick. He loves hitting it kinda have to take cover!