Friday, October 28, 2011

Practical Joke

Look at this picture closely and you will see the best joke ever. Mallory thought this one up as they were all waiting in line for Splash Mountain...for 1 hour!! She is genius, if only we could channel her thought process into science and math! These pictures are a little blurry, so if you can't see it keep reading. It was over 100 degrees while we were at Disneyland and the kids drank all their water in line. So, they filled up their empty water bottles and were getting each other wet. Mallory talks Ryan into pouring his bottle of water on Jillian's head during the big drop, where the picture is taken. When they get off the ride they are all looking at Jillian and telling her how wet she got...she is thinking it is from the ride. It's not until they exit the ride and stop to look at their photo when she gets it. SO FUNNY!!! Next time I go on Splash Mountain I am definitely taking a water bottle.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


After the beach we found our way to the happiest place on earth...actually that is now considered my bed, but Disneyland was our destination! We haven't been for awhile, and the last few times I was pregnant, so we were all excited to go. Even Michael had fun! We met my parents, my Nana, Kyle, and my sister there. We missed Jeff and Megan...they are super fun to have at Disneyland...and the girls LOVE Megan! Unfortunately it was busy and so HOT. We still managed to have a blast though, even with NO sleep. Boys gotta stick together

Little Princess Hallie...getting so cute!

My sister made her this cute Minnie outfit. She has to wear a bib though, little miss spit up queen!


Papa loves getting the kids Mickey bars, they are yummy. Thinking about it, I never had one. I guess I was busy with Pea Pod.

Hallie did pretty good being shoved around all day. The last day Michael took her back to the hotel so we could do more. There are benefits to a bottle baby. We stayed until midnight and used all our fast passes that we collected all day. The new Star Tours is Awesome!


I attempted to get a Halloween family picture but Logan was such a stinker, big surprise. My girls were cute.

Gramma and the girls

we even got some smiles

Thursday it was so busy and so hot, we had to take another ice cream break and watch Jedi Training. Logan was into seeing Darth Vader.

So, we were a little crazy with the Star Wars Vinylmations...just a little! The first night we walked to Downtown Disney and went to our favorite Vinylmation store, D Street. They had the new Star Wars series, and the kids all wanted to buy some. Amanda and I put our heads together and thought it would be a good idea to buy the entire box, which is 24 of them. My mom whipped out her 20% off coupon, so we did it. Our plan was to NOT tell the kids, give them how many they were buying and save the rest for Christmas. By the end of our trip they kids had bought us out. It was so fun...guess you had to be there.

Jillian got her favorite guy, 3CPO...or whatever his name is...not too into myself!

Wouldn't be Disneyland without the pickle stop. Once one person has one everyone must have one! Mallory started it this time...I didn't even have one again...I must go back!

More Vinyl Craziness.

Sally, Ella, and I on the Hollywood that ride, and LOVE little Sally's face, she is only 3. I know, that is somewhat child abuse.

We were exhausted after week of vacation. We were excited to get home and to our own bed and most of all to Logan's crib. We had to gear up for our Taylor trip just the next week.

Playing At The Beach

We started our fall break off with a fun trip to San Diego. We meet the cousins at the beach houses on Del Mar. The kids had so much fun playing together, they have missed them since we have moved. San Diego was gorgeous as usual! Since we stayed right on the beach the kids started playing before 9. It made for a LONG day for Logan. He fell asleep about 12:30 and they were up by 6:30, and no nap...until he fell asleep on the couch sitting up watching cartoons.

They loved this raft. It provided hours of fun.

Jillian and Megan

Mallory loved boogie boarding and just catching some waves. The water was freezing!

Logan loved playing. We haven't been able to play at the beach to much, so he loved being there for a few days.

The beach is always a good idea. The beach house was nice with little Hallie. She could stay inside and nap while we played. We had so much fun hanging out with family and sitting by the fire in the fog!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Little Twinners

Mallory and little Hallie were dressed the same so I quickly grabbed Michael's awesome new camera and snapped some pictures. Mallory loves holding Hallie.

She didn't like the kisses!

She wasn't in her smiley mood either. Michael just got home from work and she always gives him all her smiles.