Friday, February 13, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight is our school Daddy Daughter Dance. Michael was able to get the day off to take Mallory. She has been so excited. She picked to go to the Texas Road House before the dance. She's lucky, Michael and I never get to go dancing!
Mallory loves dressing up, and always looks so cute.

I have been trying to work on getting the messy piggy hair do down. It worked out pretty good tonight.

We made a fun heart in her hair took a couple tries, but we got it.

Michael surprised her with a wrist corsage. Mallory loved the flowers. I think Mallory would love to be a real princess and dress up everyday!!


  1. Lucky girl! She does look like a princess. I love the hair do.

  2. Her hair turned out really cute! I'm sure she had a great time! Maddy did too! They are lucky that they get to go dancing!