Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cowgirl, Buzz, and a Bug

We were so excited for Halloween this year. Mallory wanted to dress up as a cowgirl, Jillian decided to be a ladybug, and it just so happened that I had a brand new Buzz costume from before Logan was even born! He is so into Buzz right now, it worked out perfectly! I tried his costume on him a few days before and he loved it. He even cried and cried when I took it off. So, the rest of the week he begged to put it on, and I wouldn't let him. I knew it would all backfire on me, and it SO did. He had the BIGGEST tantrum when I was getting him dressed before our ward Halloween carnival. It took some good fighting, pinning down, and lots of will power to get it on. Such a Turkey!!

Love little JilliBugs face!!

Little Buzz! He is such a handful. Mallory was watching Logan in the front yard for me while I was getting our dinner ready to take to the church (it was a Mexican pot luck, SO RANDOM, I KNOW). Supposedly he tripped and landed on his forehead and got the biggest goose egg. Looks great, doesn't it?
Then on Halloween we got to dress up all over again. We went over to our cousins on base and had dinner and trick or treated with them. The kids had a blast hangin with their cousins.

I love Buzz's costume. The wing thingy was upside down.

All the girl cousins!
The poor kids got so hot. Logan's onesie was soaking wet when I took his costume off. I love Halloween in the desert! It is so nice not having to put huge annoying coats over such cute costumes and freezing to death!

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  1. Amen on the huge annoying coats over cute costumes! I had to put one on Ella. Luckily Sierra and Porter could wear warm clothes under their costumes. It was POURING rain on our trick-or-treating night. Cute pics, LOVE the frilly ladybug!