Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

The day before Easter was a CRAZY day, actually the week was! I had to teach YW, which always adds insanity. Our ward had a fun primary activity, Easter egg hunt. Logan best friend, Keahi, was there. What is funny is that they look more alike than they do with their families!

Jillian and her best friend, Kawai (keahi's sis, they are Hawaiian).

Getting ready for a balloon popping race. It was so fun to watch.

Egg hunting time! This is as green as grass gets here.

I puts little babes down to play with some eggs. She figured out how to open it and devoured a jelly bean! Yummy!

So Cute!

They even had Easter baskets for all the kids. They had so much fun.

My cute girls!

We dyed our Easter eggs when we got home...always a crowd pleaser! They couldn't wait to crack and eat them. We did 3 dozen and they are all gone!

Logan was so in to Easter. He loved doing the eggs, and talked about the Easter bunny all day!

Jillian helped while I cooked all day (we had a big Easter party).

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