Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Bye Trampoline

Our brand new trampoline (the kids got for Christmas) was a victim of yesterday's crazy storm. We watched this tragedy blow around our yard, up against our fence, then finally making it over to our neighbor's yard. Crazy!! I had no idea the force of the wind here. I mean REALLY....a trampoline jumping the fence??? Michael was out of town working and couldn't get home due to all the flooding. Some friends came over and somehow got it back over the fence. The legs were all bent up, twisted, and broken. They dragged it over on the side of our yard so it wouldn't blow much for a fun Christmas present. We are super ticked!

Sad huh????


  1. That is so sad! We have some friends that the SAME thing happened to them too! Except they didn't have neighbors behind them and never saw the trampoline again! It just blew away!!!

  2. It looks like you can still jump on it?