Saturday, September 11, 2010

Logan is 2 Tacos!!

Oh, my little baby is a terrible's been a long time coming actually. Now I can officially call him that. Logan was so excited for his Big Boy Birthday party that he woke everyone up at 6:00, and it was Saturday, my one day to sleep past 6:30!

We gave Logan his Big present in the morning. I thought it would keep him busy for awhile so I could get ready for our party. That totally back fired. He cried all day wanting to ride it outside.

So, this picture is him seeing his quad. His face is too cute!

For lunch we went to the Del! Logan loves their tacos and beans. And seeing how it is his 2nd birthday we had to fit in tacos for "2 tacos." (Those that don't get it, I wouldn't try)

We actually had so much fun at lunch. The girls are usually in school for lunch, so it was fun to all go out. (They were being sneaky about what may or may not have been in their cup...DR. PEPPER!
Later in the day we had a Truck Party for Logan. He is my little truck boy for sure. We kept it pretty low key seeing how we all had the flu the week before. Actually, the cake was my inspiration for the party. I wanted to make a dirt cake in his favorite truck. So easy, and pretty cute! Logan loved it all!

Mallory put it together with me. It was so much fun. The kids went crazy over the gummie worms.

I cricuted out a bunch of "construction" signs.

We made little truck party favor bags. The cricut makes everything so easy!
This is the kid table, which somehow turned into the adult table!
Here is the food bar. We made ultimate nachos with tri tip. It turned out really easy and pretty tasty.
Here's the front door!

Logan and his cake. He just wanted to sit on the table all night and pick at his cake. So, it is a chocolate cake mix cut into cubes and stacked with Oreo cookie crumbs all over. Then we stuck in gummie worms all over.

Logan eating dinner. He got a new Buzz plate too!
After dinner we went in the back and dug for things in the sand. The kids put all the treasures in their bags.
Logan found one piece of candy and was happy.
I think these are most of the kids that came. Logan was crying about something, so he isn't in it. I guess we are friends with a lot of girls!

Then we had a sand relay race. The kids had lots of fun getting all sandy.

Logan was just cruisin'!

Time for cake!

I didn't think Logan would be too interested in his cake. He loved it so much we had to move him to his high chair for some serious cake eating. I think he even had 2 servings. Glad he is getting his appetite back. He has lost about 6 pounds while he had the flu.He threw up for 8 days straight...yes, that is an 8. It was really rough!!!
He got really messy!
Logan got a basketball hoop.
Logan's friend Elise was loving all the presents. She is so cute!
It took forever to open his presents. After he would open one he would play with it for awhile. I forgot that little kids do that. He had tons of fun getting new trucks, and balls. Thanks everyone!!

Logan's 3 little friends playing with all the loot!

We gave Logan his BOOTS! He loves boots! He was so fun to watch open and wear.

He wanted to go outside and stomp his little feet around. His boots even light up!

He loves Daddy's truck! He takes every oppurtunity to escape outside and get a peek of the "monster truck."


  1. Cute Logan! Can't believe he's TWO cuz that means my guy will be 2 very soon. Doesn't look like his party was "Low Key" it looks like tons of fun and everything you do is so awesome!

  2. Wow - He looks like trouble! Can't believe how old he is looking - you don't have a baby anymore. Seeing all his cute little boy presents made me miss baby Ryan - now it is all big boy stuff - Legos & the wii. Enjoy it all while he is little - oh - love the boots!!!

  3. Looks like a super fun party! I can't believe he's 2 already!

  4. Hey Melinda, That is a super cute party idea. I'll tuck that one away! I have a friend here in UT who's a Stampin' Up rep and has been for years and years and years. Tell me again the name of your Aunt who's one of the company's originals! Hope you're doing well. Layne

  5. Love the party idea. The decorations and cake were awesome. With 3 boys I think I will put it to good use (hopefully soon).