Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Logan's 2 Year Old Photo Shoot

So, my friend took Logan's pictures today, and they came out so cute. It was SO HOT and we were dripping with sweat. In some of the pictures it looks like Logan just got out of the bath...No he didn't, we just live in the hottest place EVER!!! I felt bad for my friend, she is just about 9 months pregnant. This is one of my favorites, him leaning over with his truck.

I brought the truck thinking we could use it in a couple pictures. He ended up wanting to play with it and not wanting to take pictures! Go figure!

This train track picture is too funny. It looks like he is the sheriff in town, awaiting the bad guys!

This is one of my favs too. Love him squatting down with a little half smile!
We went to see a train that is parked in our downtown. It turned out cute for pictures. It was just really hot in it.
Who does he look like...I DON'T KNOW????
She did an awesome job! Gonna go upload to Sam's Club now!

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