Sunday, September 25, 2011

Logan's 3rd Birthday

September 11th came so fast with everything we have had going on. Things have been slightly crazy here so it was hard to try and threw together a party. Our friends from Yuma were going to be driving through on their way home from a trip . It worked out perfect. Logan loves their kids and it made for the perfect party! He talked about a Buzz and Woody cake forever, so Toy Story it was! We ended up with a Woody cake and then a small Buzz cake. They were cute, and I didn't have to stress over making a cake. I thought about just getting the small Buzz cake for Logan then making a delicius cake for everyone else. Sweet Mallory pointed out that I would never have time to do that. (I only have time for baby sister) Funny she knows that!

Logan LOVES cake!

Jillian was so happy to see Addi...we miss our friends!!

Elise and Logan loving the cake! She is too cute!

All the kids had to join in to help Logan get the job done.

Logan got a totally awesome truck for his birthday. He was smitten! (It was on the clearance isle at walmart...even better)

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