Friday, September 9, 2011

Our August Adventures

August was such a big month in our family. Michael graduated from Academy, Hallie finally got to meet her Daddy, and we had to say good-bye to Yuma and all of our friends (so bittersweet). Hallie was all ready to go to the airport and pick up Daddy. We were so excited to go back to the Yuma airport and make yet another scene...and boy was it a scene. The kids were so hyper and crazy! So many tears and emotions!!

Michael's first time holding his little baby! So sweet...and in the Yuma airport. We will always remember this place.

Michael and his 4 kids...looks like his hands are full.

So, we had a week all together before the movers came to pack and move. We needed a week to regroup and figure our Hallie out a little more. The week we moved was one of the craziest weeks of my life and we didn't even have to pack! It was so hard to do this with a newborn who has all sorts of issues. But we did it! I was so tired, way more than after I had the baby. I am missing my parents wathcing the kids while I sleep.

Then the girls had to start their new school which is 4 minutes from my house! I hate moving the kids. They were so sad to leave everything they knew and be the new kids again.

They are doing so good in school and seem to be happy. Church will take a little time. Mallory does not like it at all. I don't blame her...her class is a bunch of weird boys.

Then my sweet baby Hallie...NOT an easy baby. I thought she would be the easiest since she is the 4Th baby. Her main problem is failure to thrive...she is NOT gaining weight as she should. She is still plenty big. The weird thing is that she eats and eats and NOTHING! So, we have been to dozens of appointments, have had lots of expensive tests, tried all sorts of different formulas, and practically given up nursing, and still NOTHING! This little baby has had her tongue cut twice, had a not so fun blood test, an EKG, and an echo cardiogram...all while trying to get moved! Time will tell how she does. I think if there is a problem it is a digestive one.

Through all the business I haven't taken many pictures of her. She is such a cutie pie, and regardless of what her daddy thinks, I do love her name!!

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  1. Can there be any more Academy's for Michael to attend? He's gotta be done, right? A move to ABQ would suit you all well! :) Sending love and some vibes to the Dr.'s to get that sweet Hallie figured out!