Friday, October 28, 2011

Practical Joke

Look at this picture closely and you will see the best joke ever. Mallory thought this one up as they were all waiting in line for Splash Mountain...for 1 hour!! She is genius, if only we could channel her thought process into science and math! These pictures are a little blurry, so if you can't see it keep reading. It was over 100 degrees while we were at Disneyland and the kids drank all their water in line. So, they filled up their empty water bottles and were getting each other wet. Mallory talks Ryan into pouring his bottle of water on Jillian's head during the big drop, where the picture is taken. When they get off the ride they are all looking at Jillian and telling her how wet she got...she is thinking it is from the ride. It's not until they exit the ride and stop to look at their photo when she gets it. SO FUNNY!!! Next time I go on Splash Mountain I am definitely taking a water bottle.

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