Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faith Night

We had our monthly Personal Progress night last night. We are on the value Faith. I choose to do the first experience, which is reading scriptures and 2 conference talks on faith. I cut the talks up into sections so we could all take turns reading. The girls were really good sports about reading for almost 40 minutes. We did bring yummy white treats to munch on while we read. We made white chocolate popcorn, puppy chow (chex muddy buddies), and a white cheese pizza dip with french bread. I found the recipe on pinterest. We made pina colada punch. (2 barcardis and sprite) After that we made these little Faith scrapbooky pages. They turned out cute and the girls loved it. I made the sample of Mallory. She even wrote her testimony for me. She can't wait to go into YWs.


  1. You are amazing! I want to be in your young womens!!!

  2. Holy Cow! You are seriously awesome. Come be in our YW's and do fun stuff like this!