Wednesday, March 14, 2012

8 Months

The months seem to fly by, Hallie is already 8 months! I took these pictures because all the girls have their picture in this white dress. It was Mallory's first Easter dress. I found it in my closet and didn't think Hallie would fit into it. I had to squeeze her little arms. She was not happy. Luckily, I took these right around her 8 month mark. When I told Mallory that this was her dress she was shocked. She asked why they didn't have cute clothes when she was little!! So Funny! I think this dress is cute.

Little Hallie is the smiliest baby ever! I love it! She isn't much for snuggling, but she has the smiles down. Her favorite time is when Michael comes home from work ( or from anywhere really). She loves smiling for him. She also loves when Mallory comes home from school. She loves Mallory! She may think Mallory is her mom! Don't know what I will do without Mallory for weeks in May!!! I started Hallie on baby food and she loves it. She could eat and eat if I would let her. She gets really scared when Logan scares her. He think this is funny, and makes terrible scary noises all the time at her. Poor baby. Big brothers are NOT fun when you are little!!!

She can kinda sit on her own, for a few seconds before face planting. She is almost going to crawl too. Hoping she crawls normal and not like Logan!

I never take sleepy pictures of here for some reason. So Cute!


  1. She is a doll! And Mallory's comment makes me laugh! Elie is still asking when she can have a cell phone and today I told her cell phones didn't even exist when I was her age!

  2. She is TOO cute! Don't you love this age? I always loved 6-18 months. They are not quite as needy and not yet naughty on purpose! :)