Tuesday, June 19, 2012

11 months

Sweet baby Hallie is already 11 months...almost 1 year! Holy Cow! Where did this time go???? Hallie is such a little cutie and getting more and more personality (which could be dangerous)! She finally learned to crawl and is so happy now. She learned right away to shake her head at me when I say "NO" to her. She loves to blow kisses, and wave when we leave. Her favoriteist (not a word) thing is dancing to the girls music...she has rhythm. And her new favorite thing is playing 4 big boulders. She loves the tight squeeze part. It gets her giggling every time. She still refuses to wear any type of bow or headband. I HATE THAT! She looks so cute with one on. I blame her father for teaching her how to pull it off, right away! I HATE THAT EVEN MORE!

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