Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Fashion District

I have wanted to go to the fashion district in LA for so long. My sister has been a few times and gets super cheap cute stuff. So when we were visiting last week, we left the babies with my mom (you can't take babies here) and went. It was a crazy drive, and even crazier shopping experience, but SO FUN! We took the little tweenie boppers, who got into the spirit of things. They picked out silly glasses for everyone.
After looking at all the purses, Mallory had her eye on the NEON! She's a trendy girl! She's been saving
for an ipod touch and was soooo tempted by this little gem! So, I got it for her since I didn't get an end of the year
present for her (she was in Hawaii).

Funny Girl!

We got so many hair clippy things, when we got home we put them in everyone's hair and took pictures.
Aren't we cute?? I can't wait to go again...when I have a lot of cash!

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