Friday, December 7, 2012

Mallory's RED Party!

 Mallory wanted a Taylor Swift party for her 12th birthday! So naturally we made it a RED party! She invited friends from church, school, and ballet. We had 11 girls!
 Mallory with Lydia. She gave her this cute purse.
 And we are in the age of silly string apparently.  Mallory thought it was so much fun!
 I assume we are praying for Taylor Swift concert tickets here!
 Most of the girls being silly!
 We danced, played TS trivia, TS guess that song, and we made jewelry. The girls loved it!!
We put together some cute party cardboard purse is from the HL! We filled them with red food and candy, and red lip gloss and nail polish!

 Hallie loved all of the excitement, and food!
 We made lots of red decorations, and red food (without an oven, mine was broken...I had to bake the cupcakes at my friends!)
 oreo truffles
 marshmallow sticks, which the girls surprisingly loved.
 and of course a huge thing of puppy chow!
 Mallory and I had a blast working on this together! She was a great helper! It was so differenet doing a big girl birthday party. I am used to doing parties for little kids. I guess this is what I have to look forward to...oh joy!

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  1. What a cute party!! I can't believe she is that old!