Sunday, March 3, 2013

Christmas Night

 We waited for my parents to come over to open all of the presents. We actually liked waiting. It made Christmas seem longer and not all done right away. We may stick with this tradition caused by sickness! We didn't even cook Christmas dinner either. My mom and I were too sick to get up and cook, so we waited until the next day which was fine. It seemed like Christmas was 2 days.
 We all had a fun time opening gifts! Hallie was loving it!
 My mom got new always! And we gave my dad the Braven! I want one.
 Hallie got a FurReal puppy, which is so much fun. She heard it barking under the tree for a week! She was excited to finally play with it.
 Giant helicopter for Logan
 and Jillian being funny!

 Papa got Logan a Buzz Lightyear blaster gun.
 A little table tennis is always fun! And the clock only fell off the wall once!

 Kyle loved our epic mountain of garbage, he took a picture of it! Nice huh??

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