Sunday, March 3, 2013

Christmas Morning

 Christmas Morning was a little different since my mom, Logan, and I threw up all night. We started feeling sick Christmas Eve while eating dinner. So, the kids waited until 9:30 to come out. My poor brother Kyle had to hold them off for hours!
 But it was well worth the wait! We had so much fun watching their expressions as they came out and tried to act surprised! Mallory is going to the Taylor Swift concert (in August) and is so excited!
 Jillian looks pretty stoked too! She got a little DVD player all to herself. This has already proved itself in worth. Why she didn't get this earlier??? I don't know.
 Santa had a rough night with the cricut and the vinyl! Oh's cute!
 Logan loves his dinosaur's!
 And for little Hallie...she was so cute. I think she loved her stocking full of fruit snacks the most!

 I love these random pictures of everyone with everything all over! Christmas morning is the best!
 Logan was a little put off by this big bike, but her came around to liking it! It is awesome!

 Hallie loves her little chair!
 Taylor Swift Poster...She loves!

 And for Jillian...she got to open a big present early!
 We got her her own bow and arrow set! She secretly thinks she is Katniss!

 Uncle Kyle even made her a quiver. She looks so cute!
 and tough, right?
 Getting her first lesson...not to shoot Logan!
 Kyle giving it a try.
 and Mallory
 But Jillian is a natural, she shot right in the bulls eye!
We had a blast Christmas morning, even though we were not feeling great. My Dad came over for a bit in the afternoon, then my mom felt ok to come at night. So we waited to open present until nighttime.

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