Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jillian's Baptism

My little Jillian was baptized December 29, 2012! We were so excited for the holidays to come and for Jillian to be baptized. Most of my family was able to come for this exciting time. My parents and brother Kyle came for Christmas and stayed through New Years! My sister and her family came for the baptism and stayed for New Years! So we had a busy busy holiday season, but we loved every minute of it!
We had her baptism in the afternoon, and had a dinner with a few close friends afterwards. Jillian's favorite food is Panda Express, so we surprised her with a giant Panda Express dinner. Catering is always the way to stress!! She loved it. I assume her idea of heaven is chow mien and orange chicken everywhere! She is a funny girl!
I set up a little table at the church and made her a book of a few pictures and then places for people to write a little message. It turned out cute. That is what the CTR book on the table is. I should have taken pictures of it. It is just a 6x6 photo flip book that I have posted awhile back.
Baby Hallie...trying to get the pink marshmallows!
This is my silly Jillian trying to be funny with her eyes crossed. I hate when kids do that.

And...another silly Jillian picture. I didn't even know she was making faces until I loaded to pictures on the computer.

All the cousies...without baby Hallie.
All the family! We have the same picture here with the same people a year earlier for Hallie's blessing!
Papa and Gramma with their 7 grandkids!

Everyone trying to give Jillian a hug!

Getting ready for the big event!
and silly Sally! She cracks everyone up. She reminds me a little of my Jillian.
Look at the 3 of us!
Jillian looked so adorable and was so sweet! She loved loved loved her dress so much...I did too! And my mom made her the little flower in her hair. There is definitely an advantage to living in a small town with a small LDS community. We can pick whatever day to be baptized and get to plan the program. It's not a generic stake baptism production with people speaking that you don't even know. Uncle Kyle and Gramma gave great talks, and all the cousins sang, and our most awesome sister Missionary, Sister Vander Does who has a beautiful voice sang too! It was perfect! I love my family!


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