Friday, October 2, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects

A couple of weeks ago I had a super busy crafting week. My living room still has not yet recovered (good thing Michael isn't here, he hates my stamping ZONE).I had an assignment to do a quick presentation on physical health for our "Relief Society Meeting." I made 40 of these little handouts. I filled them with Steel Cut Oats, my favorite new breakfast food.

Then they asked if I would do a paper crafting special interest group in October. I needed to make some samples of what we would be doing. So I finally made the frapp bottles. I have wanted to make them for a long time but never got around to it. Mallory said, "You bought coffee?" Kinda funny!

I had very limited supplies. I realized I have bought too many Christmas and Valentine stamps. I have no fall or pumpkin stamps, so I had to order some, darn it! The Halloween bottles turned out pretty cute, thanks to the awesome new m&m colors. Love them.

We are also going to make the little 6x6 photo flip book. I made one of all the spring pictures of Logan, and it turned out really cute. I thought it would be fun to have a Halloween or Fall book, with only pictures from different years.

So here they are. Jillian spilled water on the Halloween one, I managed to save it for the most part...yes, I was furious!

You open it up and there are all sorts of little flaps to put pictures on and embellish.

These pictures of Jillian are some of my favorite pictures I have. What a little sweetie (she was, she has cried all day today).


  1. Those pictures from over the years are so fun! Makes me want to scrapbook! (I guess I'd have to actually print out my digital pictures first!! I'm in trouble!)

  2. You are so talented! Love seeing your fun projects!

  3. Wow, I am so impressed by all of that crafting! I need some craft buddies here, but I am not so good with paper. I might try and copy your bottles for Halloween, but I'm sure they will not turn out so cute. Fun stuff!

  4. Always so impressed with the cute paper crafting! So many fun fun things to do in this world.