Saturday, February 27, 2010

Integrity Night

For our Personal Progress meeting this month we were working with the value Integrity. I decided to have some discussion groups that the girls moved from. I asked 4 leaders to take a topic from the value experience #2 (things like honesty, morality, trustworthiness) and lead a 7 minute discussion with the girls. They wrote in their journal and made some new commitments. Afterward we did a very simple craft. We made these bookmarks. I had layered the body of it and typed "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful" on it. They glued little flowers all over and picked a big flower for the top. I had precut their names in vinyl for the back. Then we lamintated them and stuck some sticky back jewels on them. Some cut a tiny hole in the top and tied a ribbon. But they were cute without too. The girls had tons of fun.

I made flower sugar cookies for a treat.


  1. Now I KNOW why I am not in YW-- I can't do stuff as cute as that!

  2. You are so creative. What is your calling in YW? I have done them all and I think Beehives are my favorite!

  3. The bookmarks turned out SOOOo cute! I like the big flower at the top - did you laminate the whole thing?