Friday, February 5, 2010

American Girl

We went to the American Girl Store for little Sally's 2nd Birthday. She got the cute Bitty Baby twin girl for her birthday. Even Nana and Gramma and Papa drove down so all the girls could go to lunch at the cafe there. Papa babysat Logan all day. Logan was happy as a clam and I got to enjoy lunch and shopping without wrestling a crazy baby.

Having lunch! It was actually better than we thought it would be.

The girls love getting a seat for their dollies and a mini tea cup.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Sally and she loved blowing out the candle.

Jilli and Ruthie

We loved this new display of Lanie...the new girl of the year. We want her. She is so cute and her camper is tons of fun.

Jillian picked out the tap dancing outfit for Ruthie. It is so Jillian and maybe the cutest thing in the store. The shoes are even real tap shoes. Too CUTE!

The store is in a pretty shopping area in Hollywood. We love this fountain.

Nana and Gramma with the girls...I think Sally had HAD it and was off to the car. American Girl is always so fun and such a nice store. We had so much fun going. When is the next birthday?


  1. Gah! I want to go there so badly!!

  2. How fun! I love the girls in their matching cupcake dresses. Every time I see something w/a cupcake on it, I think of you!