Friday, February 5, 2010

Santa Monica Pier

We drove down to my sister's house for a fun getaway from our life here. When we moved here I told Michael I would need to take much needed breaks. If you lived here you would understand! On Friday we took a field trip with Ryan's class down to the Santa Monica pier aquarium. The kids had so much fun and actually learned stuff....totally counts as a day of school!
The girls were picked to be volunteers. Jillian got to hold a sea urchin and Mallory got to hold the kelp.

Then we went down to the beach to find crabs and shells. Logan hung back to eat the sand. He said it was good.

After the field trip was over, we walked down on the pier, had lunch, and looked out at the beautiful ocean. Mallory loved the pier because we think it is the pier that is in the Hannah Montana movie. SUPER COOL!

There was a cute Carousel we let the kids ride. We were thinking it would cost $2, but it was only 50 cents. So cheap!!

After our big trip we stopped by Ella and Ryan's favorite place. The gum ball machines by 7-11. They are collecting the squishy pencil toppers. So of course we had to jump on that bandwagon. We now have a collection ourselves and thinking of ordering in bulk on the Internet.

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