Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We were so excited for Valentine's Day...anything to break us out of our ordinary! The girls wanted to make the big pixy sticks for their Valentine's this year. They turned out cute! Unfortunately, the box comes with 50. There are 26 in each of the girls classes, so the only way they would get one for themselves is if someone was absent...there were no absences, darn it!
(totally love my messy kitchen...it just got worse)
So, I like to make Valentine's Day something special and fun, so that includes presents, yummy food, and even better chocolates!!!
Logan was distracted even before dinner started. As soon as the girls showed him his high chair with a big present, he was done for the day!!! He turned into crazy Logan, as sometimes he does. We were going to try an wait to open presents after dinner had been eaten. Logan won (of course) and got to open right away!!! So we all had our food on our plates getting cold and watched Logan be so cute with his present!!

These look gross, but I thought it would be fun to make jello jigglers. This was my first attempt. They were kinda fun for the kids.
This looks even grosser (my camera doesn't do good inside, I'm waiting for my labor and delivery present which should be a canon rebel) I made chicken fettuccine with asparagus and lots of yummy Parmesan cheese. It was pretty tasty.This is the girls fav.
more Logan opening his present...once he found out it was a gun, he flipped out. Little boys are SO MUCH FUN!!! Especially Logan, he loves trucks and guns. How could he not being Michael's little boy. He sees his Daddy's BIG FRUCK and BIG UNS everyday!!

Little sweet Jilli got a new set of Polly's, her fav.
Mallory got some magic marbles and a crystal growing thing that I am sure will be thrown out soon. She always wants things like this!
We dipped our peanut butter eggs into balls and decorated them up. Yummy!

These videos are funny!

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