Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jillian's Mystery Tooth!

Over Christmas break, Jillian bit her fork so hard it bumped her little bottom tooth slightly loose. It bleed and bleed but wasn't loose enough to fall out. Then a couple weeks ago Jillian was playing in her bunny costume hopping around on the floor and started screaming bloody murder...big time. I ran to see what was going on and just saw blood dripping from her mouth. I immediately thought she somehow bumped her mouth and forced the tooth to come out. Mallory was in the bathroom at the time, so I was pounding on the door to get something to catch all the blood. In the meantime, Michael thought something really terrible had happened and almost knocked the door down. When he found out she had just lost her tooth he was pretty mad. (I guess we are pretty dramatic)

So, somehow Jillian lost her first tooth, which I really don't understand still. It was so not loose enough to just fall out on its own, and she said it just popped out. I guess she was freaked out because she thought this was the only set of teeth she was gonna get. She had no idea that we get adult teeth. Such a funny girl. She was excited to experience the tooth fairy...which I nearly had to tape Mallory's mouth shut, not to spoil any childhood fun.

I really hate when kids loose their teeth. It makes them look so big, but I guess she is growing up. She said a bad word yesterday when she was mad at the wii!!! It shocked me to pieces...I hate playground mouths.


  1. She and Elie are twinners! So exciting! That cracks me up that she thought she was losing it for good.