Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Individual Worth

For our personal progress activity this month we worked on passing off an Individual Worth experience. Since it is February I tried my hardest to tie it in with Valentine's Day. I really wanted the girls to decorate the mail boxes from target. So, we did the last experience, which is about gifts the Lord has given us...or talents.

I had all the parents email me a letter or list of qualities about their young women. Then I fixed it up, stamped it,and then laminated it. I thought it would be nice if the girls could put it on their magnet board or somewhere where they could see it often.
Then we decorated the cute mailboxes...the girls had tons of fun. We did them super simple..I had everything cut out and sticky taped before to help the night go smoother.

After we decorated them I had a million cut out hearts that we used to write down a talent or positive quality each girl has. To pass off the requirement each leader did it too. Then we had yummy sugar cookies that I love making at Valentine's Day!

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