Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The kids were so excited for the Easter Bunny to come and visit, especially little Jillian. She got some super cute Rapunzel nightgowns! Mallory scored 3 DSi games. She was so excited.

As for Logan...trucks, cars, and tractors...his favorite thing EVER!!

After church was the big egg hunt. Logan was napping and I was NOT going to wake him up. He was so naughty at church!

Cute Cousies!

Jillian in action...she is so serious about egg hunting. It was like she'd been in egg hunting training all year!

The Easter Bunny was a little tricky this year!

This is my favorite. Mallory tried and tried to get this egg, then Ella (who is super tall) came and got it for her!

Checking out all the eggs!

These kids are so weird. After the egg hunt they all came inside and ate their hard boiled eggs. YUCK!!! That must skip a generation.

Somewhat of a family picture...Michael was too impatient and changed before Logan woke up from his nap. And Logan hates taking pictures.

I was glad I didn't wake Logan for the big egg hunt. I made the kids donate a few pieces of candy and put them in eggs. They scattered them on the grass for Logan to find. He was so NOT interested. He would pick one up and open it to get the candy. All he cared about was eating the candy right there. I think we got through 3 eggs and then Sally found the rest. It was funny.

He really just loves his red tractor..which we left there. So Sad!

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  1. Kirra got one of those Rapunzel nightgowns too! Our girls like the same things!