Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Made It!!

We finally made it to the last day of school, and through a super tough year of Kindergarten. Ironically the last week was every bit as worse as the first...lots of blood, sweat, and tears!! But we are DONE!! Jillian had a cute little Kindergarten ceremony. They sang some cute songs and then were "promoted" to 1st grade!

Jillian with her cousin Madison.

Jillian and her kinder aid. Our school is awesome with giving the kinder teachers full time aids!

Jillian and Mrs. Larson, her teacher. She was great...especially with Jillian.

Last time Jillian will go into her classroom.

Saying Good-Bye to her classroom...was kinda sad.

Waiting for the other kids to get out, it was SO HOT!

After school party!

We went swimming with all our friends for the afternoon.

Logan loves to play on the waterfall.

Logan and his best buddy Fox. These two are CRAZY together!

My wild child...what a day we had!

My handsome little guy!

We are so excited for the summer, even though it will be super hard!

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  1. Did you actually say it was sad to say good-bye to something at DVA? I wish we could have been at the after-school swim party. Looking at your pictures made it feel like this last year didn't even happen. We miss you all. We need to catch up!