Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Speak Now 2011

I had a crazy moment a few months ago that involved letting my sister talk me in to getting concert tickets for Taylor Swift down in San Diego! So, I bought them for birthday presents! We were so excited all of October, as it got closer and closer. We met Amanda and Ella in San Diego for a girly girl weekend. Michael had to bail on me which left me with no babysitter for the concert. Luckily my brother has a friend that works in San Diego. I did have a stranger babysit my kids all night long in a hotel not like me, but was so worth it. The concert was awesome. Getting ready to go.

Here we are getting to the stadium.

Our seats were on the floor, which ended up being so fun. We jumped up and down, danced, and screamed our heads off all night long. We were so tired by the end, we barely made it back to the hotel.We came ready with all sorts of glowy things!!

Ready for the show to start.

In the middle of the concert Taylor walks down the isle to get to this tree in the back. Since we were on the floor and close to the isle, I pushed Mallory to the edge trying to touch her. Taylor actually grabbed Mallory's hand. You can see it in the video of her walking down. You see Mallory's purple flower, then the hand with the glowy bracelets that Taylor touches is hers. It was so worth getting sandwiched in with all the drunk girls sitting next to us.

We ran to the back by the tree to get a better view. We were so close to her. Jillian cried the whole time she was in the back singing because we were so squished and she couldn't see. We loved how she talked and the songs she sang, especially fearless on the ukulele...SO FUN!!

During Love Story all sorts of confetti shot out right behind us. The girls Loved it. Amazing concert.

2 of the biggest Taylor fans! We didn't want it to end.



Taylor Touching Mallory


Beginning of the concert


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