Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Temple Marriage Lesson

I taught YW last week and the lesson was Temple Marriage! I was so excited to teach this one. This was my favorite lesson when I was in YW. Since we were at Disneyland most of the week before, and Hallie was super sick I didn't have much time to do a handout. This is what I quickly came up with. I mod podged paper on a thin wooden plaque (from HL) and glued a temple pic on it. Then just decorated and put magnets on the back. The vinyl took the longest, it was small lettering.
In the beginning of my lesson I handed out chocolate mini cupcakes (they were yummy) and told them they could eat it or wait til the end for a better treat! If they ate it they would not get the better treat. (It's the same idea as the worth the wait video, the one with the little kids and the ch. chips). At the end I had the other leader bring in a round layered cake ( that I got from walmart...didn't have time or skills to make pretty white wedding cake). They were so excited and glad they waited!

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