Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Any reason to have a party and I have one! We had some friends over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I made all the Cafe Rio food...our favorite! We did lots of fun games with the kids.
The kids LOVED the pinatas!
Hallie just ate all the rocks from the ground!
Jillian and her friend Kawai! So cute!
This little boy is bubbas! He is the cutest ever!
Michael and Hallie TWINS!
Jillian giving it a GO!
Mallory gets stuck with baby duty all the time. She is Hallie's favortie though.
Logan and buds!
The whole group...we had so much fun...crazy fun!
Mallory's turn. They were super tough pinatas!
The husbans made us try. So funny!
Then we did water balloons! Water balloons are so much fun, but what a pain in the rear to blow up!!!
Isn't our backyard beautiful! We've been working so hard on it!! 9( Ha Ha...isn't a pit)
Then we had cream cones, tres leches cake, and homemade ice cream sandwhiches.
I was so tired that night! But we had a blast.

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